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The Basics
  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Virginia United States
The Details
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  Yes - not living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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  Very Short
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About Me

well. i like LOUD music. anything but rap. rap makes me angry. ha. when it goes in my ears, it makes my brain mad. lol..
mostly rock, favorite is KISS. i have a KISS tattoo but i can tolerate country and oldies. johnny cash, elvis, ya know. i
like most foods. im a self taught chef, an EXCELLENT cook! i used to watch the food network religeously, so i learned alot
that way. i like good movies. a good movie is a good movie, whether it be a chick flick, horror, comedy, whatever.. i dont
put labels on things. i absolutley do not care what people think about me. like me, hate me, love me, wanna kill me, whatever.
. doesnt make a darn to me. ha. i like the color black, because its the color of dark, and night.. and there are some exciting things in the dark.ghosts, demons, sex.. ya know.. i do believe in ghosts, ive had many experiences with them, and want to continue to have experiences. i like doing things that could possibly do great harm to myself, because when i do it, and dont get hurt, its
more of a rush.. im an adrenaline junkie. i get excited easily, and i get let down easily. im a lover, not a fighter. id
rather sit at home and spend time with people im with, rather than go out and get annoyed by all the stupid people in the
world. i like video games, either ps3 or computer games. i play world of warcraft, and am damn good at it! i have NOTHING
to do during the day, because noone will hire an unqualified ex marine. even burger king. which sucks because im broke all
the time and cant buy anything. im very easy to get along with, im a formidable opponent if you piss me off. i consider
myself smart, more-so with words, than books. i can make you feel on top of the world, or make you feel like an inch big,
just by combination of words. my lifelong goal is to become a police officer, yet i do not deal with authority well.
i hate being told what i can or cant do, when or when i can or cant do it. i seem like a total asshole 90% of the time,
but when it matters, im the most loyal, dedicated person you can know. i have your back in ANYTHING, right or wrong. i
respect and appreciate like nothing else. im a firm believer in the "treat me how you want me to treat you" rule. i dont
drink, ill murder anyone who has drugs withing 100feet of me. ive never, and will never lay a hand on a female. although if i see someone doing it to someone else, ill get involved in a second.
that goes with a child aswell. in a relationship, i want someone who, when out and about, can be best friends and get along
without the attitude drama bullshit. can do things together, and pick on, and prank one another, and when home, in private,
can be the best lovers and all that affectionate, romance stuff. i love touch, bare skin is the best feeling in the world in
my opinion. im kinda old fashioned i guess. as the man rules the house or whatever, has the final say, and all that.. i dont
go extreme with it, but ive been in a few relationships in the past 7 years that ive just been walked all over, and had to
more or less ask permission for ANYTHING i did during the day. respect and appreciation go A LONG WAY with me. to eachother,
to family, and to close friends. I have a 2 year old daughter who is my everything, and my ex has a 3 year old son, who ive been "daddy" to since he was 3months old, and ill continue to be daddy to. So i count it as i have 2 children, and i love them both with all my heart! i dont get to see them as often as i would like, but once they get older, im sure itll change.
now, end of my rant.. what about you

What I'm Looking For

Someone similar. Who likes to have fun, and knows how to be themselves. Can handle someone who has kids, but wants more. If you can have a good time, have a nice personality, and doesnt take the bitchy route about everything, everyday, then you are ok by me =)

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