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  Age: 32   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Saint Louis Missouri United States
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About Me

Like other profiles I would like to start out with this disclaimer: I am a robot and also a zombie. I'm a ninja too. On special occasions I can be all three at once. This makes no sense, but it does not matter.

I enjoy a literate conversation. It's a huge plus if you read books. I am in love with good grammar. I'm not really a complete nerd I just like the written word. I enjoy doing alternative things. I've gotten out of the nightly bar scene and am ready to progress into something else. Haha... i think that just weeded out about half of the people who were reading my profile. = P

I like a lot of music. I have a preference to rock, punk rock, and indie music. I enjoy most anything though. I'm not a big fan of death metal, but I must admit that I don't mind going to local shows because the fans that show up there make me laugh, because it's quite obvious that so many are just posing. Regardless, I still go to most any local shows. They're fun and I generally know at least someone.

I'm a social worker. I've been told that it means that I have a huge heart and it's a noble profession. To me it means that I love what I do and one day I'll live in a cardboard box. But, I like the outdoors, so maybe that'll work. Winter and frostbite. Pshh... whatever. I told you I'm a robot/zombie/ninja.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone who is truly genuine. Someone who is spontaneous. Can take a joke and understand and like the art of sarcasm. Someone who is not pompous or a womanizer. No narccisits or liars. Someone who will pay attention to their girl and not ignore them unexpectantly for days and days at a time for no reason. Someone who is truly kind with a big heart. Someone who can have fun and be random.

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