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Hi. I'm looking for my new best friend.
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The Basics
  Age: 67   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Talkeetna Alaska United States
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About Me

I believe in putting God first, family next, then recreation, relaxation, and everything else.
My biggest passions include my sheltie and music -- not just listening, but composing, writing, and performing Christian music. I enjoy listening to a wide range of music, not just Christian music -- about the only things I can't stand are opera, hard rock, heavy metal, and rap. I'll listen to just about anything else at least occasionally, if for no other reason than to see if there are ways of incorporating some of the techniques into my compositions.
Other things I'm passionate about include fishing, wildlife and nature photography, hiking (with some limitations), hunting, going to the beach. I'd love to bicycle, but need a bike first, and would love to learn to cross country ski. There's plenty of room here for a new best friend who shares at least some of these passions, also has some interests of her own and realizes that we all need our own space at times, and knows how and when to be feminine.
I love to travel and have a tremendous sense of adventure, both for traveling to places I've never been and trying new things, as well as in the areas of love, romance and intimacy.

What I'm Looking For

I love to do outdoor things. My ideal woman would be just as comfortable going fishing on a date as going to a concert, live theater, a walk on the beach, or going to a nice restaurant. She'd bait her own hooks (if bait fishing) and take her own fish off of her line, and enjoy fly fishing and catch and release in addition to fishing to put food on the table.
A love for dogs, especially shelties, is a must, as is a love of music, and if you can play an instrument well and aren't afraid to perform/play in public that's a huge plus.
I have a beautiful three-bedroom log home, and frequently see moose, foxes, snowshoe hares, and grouse right in my yard. There are lots of small animals (weasels, etc.) around, and both grizzlies and black bears have been known to come into the yard. Blueberries and lowbush cranberries are free for the picking not far from the back door, and an occasional wolf track has been sighted.
Since we all come from different backgrounds, differences are bound to occur in any relationship. I'd really like to find a woman who is willing to talk things out to resolve differences, respects others' opinions, and shares the sense of adventure I have for going to places we've never been and trying new things. And she should share my sense of adventure and experimentation in the areas of love, romance and intimacy.
None of us are perfect, but the two biggest immediate turnoffs for me are smoking and drinking; if you smoke or drink, things will not work out between us.


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