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It's okay to not click on me ;)
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Kentucky United States
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About Me

Okay about me lets see,

Right now at the time i do not have alot of friends i guess my choice or i really don't know how to meet people, i know these days it's really important to have alot of friends but i guess i've just never seen it like that.

I am a musician, right now at the time i'm about to put out a remix album of mine here in a week or so, i am in the final stages of mastering the last few tracks on the album, can't wait for that.

I see myself as a great guy "really nice".

I like camping and alot of things outside, "walks, exploring, great things like that".

Right now at the time i drive a rare white on gray Top Tank Tomos Lx with a biturbo exhaust kit on it lol ;) i drive that because it's starting to feel really nice outside.

I have a few tattoos "nothing crazy, small ones"

I see myself as being the guy thats always there anytime you need someone or need help "no matter what i'm there, just call or ask me to come and i drop everything".

i like photography, i do a little myself here and there.

i like to read, right now at the time i'm reading "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk, "just if you wanted to know".

hmm i'll think of some more and get back to you or feel free to ask me anything you want, have a great day or night.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone that likes me for who i am and someone thats not going to turn there back on me, looking for someone thats not going to let me down for i will never let them down.

I am looking for someone i can make happy

I am looking for someone that will ride on my Tomos with me, someone to take pictures with someone to smile with about stupid things that make no sense what so ever, someone that really likes me for me and not faking everything just to make me happy.
Looking for someone i can bring flowers to and they wont hate it, looking for someone i can sing with to crappy music or good music and maybe toss some dancing in there lol.
Looking for someone that kind of likes outside things to.

Alot more i'll get back to you n this to.


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