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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Wisconsin United States
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You will need to fill this in before you can start messaging other OK, Not that I need a girl or to straighten me out or anything, but I have honestly never been in a seriously committed relationship, but have been single my whole life and lately it's been becoming more and more clear to me that I need some sort of rhythm or routine to keep me grounded. I would love to meet a sweet girl who deserves a good, honest, and loyal guy for once. I would like to meet a girl who hasn't had yet the things that I think that I can offer. I don't mean to make it sound like I want damage goods like a girl who has only been in shitty stressful relationships but I feel like it would be rewarding for both of us if we both feel like we appreciate what we offer each other. I'm almost glad to have not had a girlfriend before because I can honestly say that I haven't ever cheated on a girl and throughout the years have developed a uncanny ability to stay disciplined enough to keep the****in my pants for a girl for a certain amount of time if I want. I tried it and it worked. Although it didn't develop into a long-term thing, I stayed remarkably faithful to myself. Even if the paranoid'O chick didn't believe me.

What I'm Looking For

I am a very family oriented person. I have a few people who I am still close with from my younger years. I do not like developing meaningless relationships where I kick it or w/e with somebody for awhile and then eventually we let it fade away... that seems fake to me. I like to keep people close to me who I know will be there in the end. I know who my "friends" are and I like it that way. I know who my family is made up of the ones who I can always count on if and when I get into a tough spot through thick and thin.
I'd like to find someone, and make her my priority day in and day out. I honestly do want that. I never felt it before. I want to have that one girl who knows that she has my heart all day everyday. I want a girl who knows and trusts me that I have her back with anything. I want a girl to take care of when she's down, and who CARES ENOUGH ABOUT ME TO NOT JUST WALK AWAY when I **** up. Cause I will **** up. Honestly.


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