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  Age: 60   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: Miami Florida United States
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  Stylish, Trendy
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About Me


Please do not contact me if you are over the age that I am requesting 48-57 and if you don’t have a picture posted, are looking for a friend with benefits, fling – I am seeking a friendship in the hopes it will turn into a relationship.
No drama, no drugs.

I am not seeking a “Professional Dater” but someone to share my life with, not a commitment phobe. I am looking for a lifetime….

I am…
Venezuelan born, speak 3 languages, petite, extrovert, half glass full, passionate, kind, considerate of others, enjoys laughter, happy, spontaneous, family oriented, romantic, generous, non-smoker, I am super organized and neat freak, trendy and well traveled, well mannered, educated and well read. I enjoying cruising, romantic dinners, movies, or just hanging out with friends entertaining…I’m the perfect hostess! I have a very young spirit, so yoi need to keep up...lol!

Everyone always lists their good qualities – but what about YOUR habits and pet-peeves? Well here are some of mine...

I like to watch reality shows, mostly the ones on Bravo
I am an “I love lucy” fan and watch her re-runs when I can
I sleep with the TV on sometimes – it sooths me
I hate stuff in the sink – it needs to washed and put away
I’m a neat freak and l’m very organized
If the sink is wet, wipe it down
I like to have the remote control and watch a little bit of everything
I have a hard time sleeping, so if I’m tired I like to take a power nap – do not wake me or I will growl!
I’m your partner and companion. I will cater, pamper, take care of you and support you when you are well and sick, but I am not your maid.
I have a standing appts every week to pamper myself, hair, nails etc…
Love Sunday brunches with friends or with you
Hate some sports but love European soccer
I do not like long car rides

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What I'm Looking For


If YOU have a healthy sense of humor and can make me laugh I'm hooked. You must be classy, well traveled, well mannered, great dresser, polite, considerate of others, educated and spontaneous, generous, loving, passionate, romantic, kind, religious and family oriented, with good family values, organized and hard worker and not a sports fanatic, nor couch potato.

We together would be… a couple who enjoys time with friends and family, traveling, intimate gatherings, dinners, cooking, movies, shopping (l love to shop), we both love animals (I have a dog). We are non smokers, we can laugh at ourselves and we don’t sweat the very small stuff we don’t take things too seriously, because life is way too short to waste it on stupid stuff. We will respect each other’s space, be kind, honest and considerate of each other’s feeling. No problems with PDA, Life without a lot stress, free to go and do whatever whenever the mood strikes…to be spontaneous in every sense of the word!


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