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Artist, writer looking 4 passionate and real.
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  Age: 47   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Ohio United States
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  Very Short
About Me

I'm an artist by trade recently published my first novel, working on No. 2. Love life, and have a passion for travel art, literature - fun times, meeting new and interesting people and finding the 'right' one.
Been in and out of love, only talk to one person at a time seriously and see where it leads. Idealistic, romantic, passionate. Loves to travel when I can. Okay in the looks dept I think, so I've been told and in other dept as well....
Only serious, commitment oriented people need contact me. I'm all about real, life and love is never perfect, it's who you are involved with and how much we each try. But it also shouldn't be too difficult, after all I do believe in chemistry and staying and talking for long hours - I want a best friend, true love and partner in crime all rolled up into one. Bit of a flit (with the right gal) I also have a naughty humor side. I'm fun, flirty, sexy, intelligent, passionate, loving and loyal.
In the reg Zodiac I'm a Taurus, (stubborn, passionate) in the Chinese Zodiac I'm the dog, (loyal, faithful, happy-go-lucky). Sometimes I am very focused, especially when writing and when I am in love I am all about her (you).
For me a relationship is like a camp fire, it has to be nourished until it blooms into a full lasting flame. Both people have to put into it, make it work and last... keep it going. As close to equality is the best for me, I want to SHARE my life.

What I'm Looking For

I will always look for intelligence, caring, consideration, friendship, love and passion. What I am attracted to isn't always the norm. I love sexy, unique, querky, fun but sometimes serious. I love casual women who can let their hair down or tie it into a ponytail and throw on a pair of jeans and a baseball cap. I can dress up sometimes, but mostly wear t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and baseball caps myself.
I'm adventurous, love hiking, walking. Talks barefoot along the beach and wine at sunset. A very nice movie (doesn't matter, all kinds) I'm a bit of a geek and love comic books and although it's not a priority would be nice to find someone who can appreciate that. I love women with dark hair, thin, uniqueness in the face and short hair is a killer. Grew up a huge Molly Ringwald fan and still have that sort of in the back of my mind but love takes many forms and I'm not stuck on type. Just mentioning some of my favorite physical qualities ... the physical IS important but even more so is the friendship and connection that we might share.


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