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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Windham Ohio United States
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About Me

My name is Robert but everyone calls me Robbie. I am twenty three. I am currently a full time student at Kent State University. I am in my junior year. I am a Psychology major . I also work full time at an exotic animal sanctuary. I love my job but still cannot wait until I graduate to begin the move forward into my career. After graduation I hope to pursue a postition in the field of child psychology.

In my rare free time I mainly enjoy the outdoors. Of course, as a guy, I enjoy the typical things like fishing and yard work. I also enjoy going for hikes with my camera taking in all the beauty nature has to offer. During the warmer months, all of my free time is spent laying on a beach towel under the sun. Of course the occasional swim as well. I love to camp during the summer. They say camping is a poor mans vacation and I must say I disagree. The best part of camping is leaving all of the comforts of home and being innovative and creative to have a good time.

When it's just me at home I enjoy putting on my sweats, making dinner for Poe(my dog) and I, and listening to music. I watch a little TV now and then.It's usually Animal Planet(Poe's favorite) I also spend a good deal of free time at home writing music. I look at it as Rythmic Poetry. I really enjoy making music but I understand the difference between a hobby and a career so I usually do it for the therapy aspect.

Well... I know this isn't much but I figure if you are truly interested you'll ask anything else you may want to know.

What I'm Looking For

I am just looking for someone who is down to earth and compassionate. No drama, just smiles and good times. Im looking for a person who is willing to walk saide by side each other in a relationship(no one sided stuff)

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