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Any faithful ladies out there any more?!?!
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Largo Florida United States
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About Me

Howdy ppls! Im Ryan. I just got out of the Army after 8.5 years and just moved back home to Largo, right now Im just enjoying the civilian side of life at the moment and looking to start back school in Jan at SPC full time. Im undecided as to what I what to study but I have a few ideas. I think Iam pretty down to earth, out going and just in general a chill dude. Im into UFC anything on T.V that has to do with history, documentaries etc. I love being outside Im a Florida boy so I surf, used to skateboard. I like sky diving, hiking, traveling been to about 8 countries or so was stationed in Germany for like 3.5 years and traveled alot while I was there. Been to almost every state in the U.S, I enjoy making myself laugh I think if you cant make yourself laugh how are you supposed to make anyone else laugh? N plus "It keeps me sane too" I sometimes talk to myself and I sing in the shower!!!! LMAO uh hhhmmm.... Im new at this so anything else just ask!!!!! Oh a big one I LOVE TATTOOS!!!!!! I gotta lot got both arms done, some on my chest, stomach, back, neck, legs and foot! Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and this way is mine. For the most part each one I have has a meaning to it if it doesn't then I just got it cause I wanted it and or looked cool :)I love to ride dirt bikes and motorcycles. I just sold my bike and Im regretting it now :( but planning on getting another one!!! GO ME! Oh I dont wear white socks, why wear white socks when its a safe bet that 99.99% of the ppl around you, or in the same room or building are wearing them? I wear blue, orange, pink etc. Sometimes dependin on how froggy Im feelin I even switch up the colors too :) I like being different, Im very spontaneous n love being me.

P.S 4 things that I have found to be very usefull

1.Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesnt get you anywhere.

2.Procrastination is like masturbation, in the end your only ****ing yourself.

3.I speak my mind, cause biting my tongue hurts.

4.Only 2 things in life are certain, death and taxes.

What I'm Looking For

Someone who knows what they want out of life and know how to live it. Someone honest and who is faithful (thats been a doozy to find lmao).

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