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I am something different, ain't like the rest!
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  Age: 50   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Tacoma Washington United States
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  Very Short
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About Me

Who am I?
I'm one of those nice guys. Those kind and caring types. People typically classify me as being genuine, which I totally dig.
I'm a spontaneous person. I like to let life happen and appreciate the long-term value of a good memory. I play hard, I work hard (kind of), I can typically be found in a good mood, either smiling or giving someone else a reason to smile.

I'm a musician - been playing since I was 14. Had a few lapses in between, but currently pushing it hard. It's an important part of who I am. what keeps me young and makes me happy.

Hmm? I don't know. I think I'm a pretty simple guy; but I guess that is what makes me hard to figure out. I'm a friendly, helpful, loyal and kind person. But I'm also stubborn, analytical, and opinionated. I'm not self-centered, but I'm not ruled by any kind of thought process or calling set forth, and I don't put up with people's crap. I'm not afraid to speak what I believe, and I listen well and respect what others have to say. I'm my own person, I think for myself, I'm very comfortable with who I am and what I have.

I'm the kind of person when you ask what they need, I never really have an answer; because I have everything I need inside and/or around me. I'm very hard to buy a Christmas or Birthday gift for, due to this. I just don't really know what I'd want?

I'm a huge Red Sox fan. Huge, I say. Never been to Fenway Park, but it's on my list of things to still do. I do go to all the Sox games at Safeco yearly. I enjoy watching baseball and football, either live or on TV. I enjoy going to concerts, flying kites, playing disc golf, building/setting up Lincoln log villages and Mr. Potato Heads, I do play video games, but I'm not what you call a "gamer"

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What I'm Looking For

I guess something I've yet to have. In that, what I mean is ....

someone that isn't unsure of themselves, who they are and what they want and expect, not only out of themselves, but out of any future partner.

I love a girl that is simple (natural) beautiful. I'm not much of a "made-up" girl kind of guy. I like a girl that will enjoy a beer and can hold her own in random conversation topics. I enjoy someone that has ideas and wants to share them. I like someone that is willing to be spontaneous and try new things and not be afraid to live a bit; because, even if we are here 85 years . . . . how long is that really in the bigger scheme of things??? Why not live and let the enjoyment of laughter, love, life and memories keep you young at heart and in mind?

I enjoy someone with a creative side that is responsible about things, but not driven by their careers. I guess someone that "works to live" more so than a "lives to work" kind of person. Once work is over for the day, it's over. You enjoy family, friends, life and not bringing the office/workplace home with you. Hate that!

I have to admit, I am totally attracted to petite women. I love a small girl to hold close and keep warm/safe. I also am attracted to nice hands and feet. I think our hands and feet say a lot about how we take care of ourselves. Having said that, I find socks to be a super sexy turn on for me. A sexy woman wearing nothing but socks drives me crazy.

I guess I'm just looking for the kind of girl that is happy and confident with who she is. Understands through life's lessons because she has paid attention along the way; is communicative and capable of sharing; has a sexually thirsty appetite :P, is willing to be there (assuming there is love and commitment) through thick and thin; and not be weak-minded

Petite isn't a must. It's just an attraction. However, I am not attracted to heavy women. Should be considered (by the ways of online dating) as petite, athletic, average in body figure. No, I'm not shallow. Just, at 37, I feel I have a right to communicate what attracts me and makes me get extra frisky between the sheets.


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