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I Want To Meet That Perfect Girl For Me.
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania United States
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Average
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  Average, Athletic
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About Me

My Name is Tyler Allen Puchalski. I am 18 years old. I am a 2012 Graduate of Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School. I also Graduated from Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School and recieved a 2 year Certificate in Electronics Engineering. I have 2 Sisters named Kaylee and Bryce. I also have a Golden Retriever named Angel. And to tell you about my life, I was adopted when I was 1 year old by a man named Tim Puchalski. My childhood was sort of rough with yelling and abuse from him. And my Mom was the person that helped me become who I am Today. Anyways my Mom divorced Tim in 2005 and I chose to Live with my Mom. But then as I got Older things were really stressful with school and home life and I decided to move to Tim's house. And Moving to his house was the biggest regret of my life. He was always yelling and grounding me for no reason, and My Step mother named Megan was bipolar and she would call me harsh names. So after 2 years I was fed up with the way i was geeting treated so I moved back to my Moms house. And after I moved back I finished my last years of school and graduated. And I give thanks to my Mom for always supporting me and showing me right from wrong and making me into a loving gentleman. So I hope that I can find someone who I can spend my life with. If you wanna chat just send me a message or send a text to my phone. Thanks
What I'm Looking For

A Nice, Down To Earth, Funny, Respectful, Easy Going, and Beautiful Girl to Share and Spend My Life With. And A Girl Who likes Me For The Way I Am.

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