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Otaku looking for love.
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Delaware United States
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  Thin, Slim
  Stylish, Casual
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  Bisexual, Lesbian
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About Me

Status: SandL (Single And Looking)

Suicidal for a while, now...

Tired of being used and treated like shit.

Name is Ramune. I've been threw hell and not quite back yet, it seems. I've been an otaku for about 10 years now and plan on living it strong until the end. The only convention I attend is Otakon and aim to cosplay every year, but sadly alone. I know I cam come off as a brat and useless, worthless and all. I know I may seem trashy and pathetic, but I am really innocent and just want to be held. I really must admit, my pictures do not do me justice at all...
Dark Romance Writer. Looking for someone to teach me the definition of true love.
Anime. Manga. Cosplay. Dressed in lolita or visual Kei, I smile may way threw the crowd as other stare at the imported confusion of my clothing. Not caring what they think as long as I know it looks good. I favor black, red, pink, and purple and want to be able to learn how to make my own clothing. I am a long time cosplayer at Otakon in Baltimore Maryland and am always looking for people to meet there and cosplay with. My past in love has been not the best; So painful... Not the best and quite pained ever since a little tramp took my heart and made a promise that she would be my death. Even now, I find that as coming true as my heart dwindles on a thread, looking for a reason for rejuvenation.

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What I'm Looking For

Looking for someone soft and kind to hold me since it had only been so long. Someone real. I enjoy hurt and comfort and I love holding others to help them move on and I find myself able to give others a reason. I love the darker soul. Someone silent and strong, but sadistic in his mind. I adore the looks of a beautiful boy and the skinny male punk type. It MAY be selfish, but I love skinny beautiful men who have style.

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