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The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Phoenix Arizona United States
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  Very Long
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  Blonde, Brown
About Me

About me huh,Well,I'm a simple girl who enjoys simple things and in my opinion I am definitely likable. I see myself as being an easy going open minded person. I can get along with pretty much anyone who doesn't try to come across as better than the next person and someone that doesn't have the tendency to be over dramatic about everything.I hate drama!! Guys that are too bossy ,pushy and obnoxious are a big turn off for me.So if that is you yeah well you know lol. Miss me with all that bulls**t playa! Bottom line is mutual respect from anyone and everyone.Nothing more and nothing less.I am a pretty affectionate person so affection is something I don't mind from time to time. I love cuddling at bed time.For me that is the best feeling in the world.I love anything that has to do with music.On just about any given day I am most likely to be found with the T.V. off and my stereo so loud my neighbors can here it.P.S.If you're browsing through here looking for a booty call or a one night stand don't even bother...you won't get that here.Oh and one last thing...if you're going to message me please say something more than just "hi" or "how are you?" If you don't chances are I probably won't respond...not because I'm stuck up or think I'm too good,because believe me I'm as far from being like that as anyone could possibly get.But because just saying "hi" or "How are you" doesn't really show me any personality which is what would spark my interest enough for me to want to write back and because I'm looking for someone who stands out from all the rest...I hope if you are reading this that you understand what I'm saying. I guess if theres anything else you want to know you'll have to ask me so don't be shy...

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking to meet a guy who won't bulls**t me about ANYTHING...I am alot more open minded about things than most females and I'm a big girl and can handle the truth much better than I can a lie.I know that sounds kind of harsh and not very lady like for me to say but I just want to make sure that I get my point across.I'm not really the type to sugar coat things.Especially when it comes to things I feel very strongly about. I would like to find someone who is open minded and has a good sense of humor and is able to handle sarcasm. =) That is a must as I tend to be pretty sarcastic at times.

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