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You can stop searching now, you found me.
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Johnson City Tennessee United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

Major Edit, friend who knows me really well in real life says I needed to update it.

Also, this edit makes my profile a bit larger, I do not REQUIRE that you read the entire thing. I place it here in an effort for you to get a peek at who I really am. If this means a lot of strangers will know more about me, then so be it.

One hopes this profile is interesting, not unlike a good book or movie, but I suppose it can be a little dry, I'd appreciate it if you read it, but if all you read is the first paragraph, know that I'll do anything in my power to make it so that you never regret knowing me. I think that simple speaks volumes of my personality, integrity, etc. Give me a chance, the worst you have to gain is a good friend.

I am kind, compassionate, honest, gentle, soft-spoken to those who do not know me, am respected by my peers for my advise and insight, loyal to a fault, have great communication skills that get in my way.
(Apparently I love to talk about anything, how to fix a problem, how to make someone happy, I am very vocal about relationship issues, and endeavor to solve them as best I can.

Old Fashion, which i should explain. I believe in being a emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually strong man. I have desire in my heart to protect, provide, and pamper. But it is not something I expect to do. I value independence in a woman, self-sustainability, and having her own mind, goals, and ambitions. I would never get in the way of those key characteristics, I just hope that I can find someone who needs to be held, reassured, and taken care of from time to time. I feel fulfilled when I help others close to me.

I am highly intelligent and proud of it. I enjoy learning new things and am quite often accused of being a living Wikipedia. Which does get me into trouble quite often, I am quick to pretend to be an expert in many subjects, and having an encyclopedia knowledge of Discover and History channel programming does not make me so. I also read an encyclopedia when I was in highschool, that doesn't help either ... the whole encyclopedia ... yea ... I was a geek.

Instead of insulting the type of men in the area, I will explain to you what I believe makes me different.
Regardless of if you believe me or not, I am not in this for the sex. I am looking for a meaningful, long-term relationship. Such a relationship is only fulfilling if it serves my intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. I've gone 27 years without sex, I can stand to do without it for a little while longer until I'm married. I do not enjoy violence, thus I am not in the least bit interested in Wrestling or Fighting. I do not like racing, hunting, or so forth. I define my interests as 'geek classical'. To me that means good books, good movies, good tv shows, good games. I also enjoy the outdoors and like camping, canoeing, and being around nature.

I am very frugal. I drive an old beater of a car, I would like to buy a new car but honestly right now the old beater suits me just fine, no need to spend large amount of cash to replace it with one that looks prettier. She's been faithful to me, I'll be faithful to her til the day she dies. This also translated into my life, quite often I will keep something long past its popularity because of its functionality. I don't replace clothes very often unless there is something I really need or really want. I try to save money where I can, but this does not make me in any way cheap. I enjoy fine dining, fine spirits, and fine clothes. Sometimes it is difficult finding the happy medium between the price is right and the quality is right.

I was raised christian and live the values, though I admit I lose my path on occasion. I have values and morals and wish I could find a woman who has and upholds them as I do.

I'm honest to a fault, and I admit that I am HORRIBLE at interpreting the innuendos, body languages, and 'signals' from women. One friend commented that if she had known that, she would have rented a billboard to tell me what to do, because i was oblivious to her subtle hints in college.

The most important aspects about myself I can't prove to you unless you give me a chance.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone honest, loyal, compassionate, funny, intelligent, but all these things are hard to describe everyone is usually intelligent or funny in their own way. I need someone who understands me and accepts me even though I'm a bit quirky

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