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Lookin for LOVE hope this is the right places
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  Age: 55   Gender: Male   Race: Asian   Location: Utah United States
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About Me

I am really in search of a well rounded girl!! Is there such a thing??? I think I am well rounded socially, I take people at face value and accept them for whom they are and treat them as equals. You have to treat everyone the way you want to be treated, would I be ok if that was done to me? you must ask yourself this question and not accept or give any less then your answer. I love all kinds of music, and I record, write songs, play drums, guitar acoustic and electric, and I sing. I am very passionate about music, but nothing more passionate then family and I won't comprimise that even for my music, I am not already married to my music. I do not play in clubs if you want to hear some of my music email me and I will send one for you to listen too. I love an occasional mixed drink, very rare im not a drinker, but don't mind a drinker as long as there is no Dr. Jackull Mr Hyde. Happy drinker ok... No drunks please. No time for drama, no place for anger, no head for games, no mind for chaos. only fun, only happyness, only adventures, only peace. Big smiles.. nice conversations. hugs and kisses.. Open minded.... and more than anything.. waiting for that right girl!! But I am NOT settling for less. Did that been there. Call me picky.. Call me crazy.. Call me a selfish.. but when you are talking about spending your time with someone and putting out the effort to create a workable situation for everyone involved, it has to be with someone that turns you on.. makes you laugh.. and *fits* with you!! I don't know if it is possible... but for some reason I am not giving up... I believe that there is a love out there for me.. and eventually... .... you will surface.. and guess what??? I will be waiting....

I am also a single father Wow didn't realize how many women are not interested in getting to know me because I have a child... He needs love too and deserves a a womans touch there are things a man cannot teach his children and vise-versa. He deserves both parents, but Life is not always fair so we have to do the best we can every moment to teach and help them to be the best person they can be, inspire good self confidence, to take responsable, to be compassionat, to have a kind heart, to seek knowledge, gain wisdom to better themselves and the lives of others around them. If you can do that your children will be ok. After all that is our goal as parents. My son is 8yrs old son. he is in the third grade this year. he is very smart and accomplishing the things to become all he can be... I am very proud of him and will sacrifice nothing at his expense, or that would go against my job as a father. to protect him from bad and harm, negativity, crulty, neglect, demeaning additudes, rudness. Nobody deserves that not you not I certainatlly not our children. I will accept any child you may have and treat them as my own and expect the same. I will not discount a woman just because she has children, I would like the same. I am looking for someone that I can talk to, someone to do things with. I am not looking for a mother for my son, but you can be our friends. We have both been hurt as im sure have you.. We all have our pain, it's how we deal with it that makes the differance.
I am a computer technician and have been for 30 years. I am a bit of a romantic and a little emotional i cry at a good movie I was born in Ogden moved away for a couple of decades but I came back to settle down. have lived in the same place and have had the same job for 10years now. I am honest, compassionate, caring, hardworking, and kind. I like to go on bike rides, camping, yard work, computer games. I am stable and secure and can have alot of fun with the right woman. Hope to love you soon...

What I'm Looking For

Someone to Go someplace where we could talk so we can see if there is any chemistry, conversation, attraction. then go from there. You really cannot know a person without spending time together. you can talk and think you know them, you can date someone and think you know them, you can be intamate with someone and thing you know them. spend a month together 24/7 NOW YOU KNOW THEM.... Not that a first date should be a month but you certainatly would know all you need to... the important day to day living things, slob, snob, lazy, crazy, kinda like trading spaces now thats reality CHECK

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