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Talk :D I promise I don't bite ;D
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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Prefer Not To Say   Location: Nevada United States
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  A few extra pounds
  None, None but want some soon
  Smokes only when drinking
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About Me

Hello or Hola :)
My name is Laycee or Lace, I'm a student at TMCC getting my associates in science so I can transfer over to UNR to become a wild life conservationist. I love animals and hope to help them to the best of my ability one day. I focus most of my attention on my friends and family.. I consider myself a down to earth person.. material things aren't anything... makeup doesn't enhance your beauty but only covers it up... I believe being yourself is the only person you should EVER try to be... also that life goes on even though it may slow down at some times... Also another thing that i've learned though my 18 short years of LIFE.. there are 24 hours in a day, 48 hours in 2 days and 168 hours in a week, mins make up hours and seconds make up mins.. seconds go by fast but those mins you'll remember for ever... <-- haha i just made that up :)

So i dont under stand a lot of things in life. like why is a lot two words... why there are so many THERE'S (there,theirs, they're) oh my gosh... why only some murders make front page news but there are BIG and WORSE things happening in the world... Why people work so hard to buy that 2,000 dollar TV when they know a BIGGER and better on is coming out in 10 months... Why people strive to be better then the next person in line why can you be a better YOU not a better them... why people play those super lame games on facebook??? Why we need 4 years of math in school... Ummm.. why Twinkies have white filling and not a PINK filling.... is there a side joke we dont know about??? Why even numbers seem prettier then odd numbers? GENDER ROLES?? wtf...

I'm a ninja person :)

I <3333 Zombies, poptarts, warm blankets, jumping, rolling down hills, kit flying, swinging, swimming, singing in the car, playing in halls at school, flip flops, old black and white movies, tall guys, animals, ZUMBA, skipping, oh mayne the list will go on, the color green, cheese cake, popcorn, MEXICAN food XD, cartoons, pretty little liars, glee, talking on the phone late at night, cuddling close when its coooold :, bowling, nieces, nephews, glow sticks, trampolines, 60's music XD, jumping on beds, corn nuts, ICE TEA, doggggies, cats that act like dogs...

Things i dont <333 :/
FISH, FFROGS, LIZARDS, and taking out the garbage, slow replies

What I'm Looking For

message me if your awesome and can hold a conversation :) and if you just like talking about random fun stuff and no a creeper...

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