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Loving Peace, Compassion and Lots of Laughter to All
Online: 2298 days ago   Updated: 2330 days ago   Joined: 2330 days ago
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  Age: 39   Gender: Female   Race: Islander   Location: folsom California United States
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About Me

Hi! It's me - that gal, you know the one - the one who wants to get to know you slowly and really know you as a freind, best friend and long-term life partners. There is no rush - one day at a time. I am old fashioned looking for a honest, sweet, old fashioned family oriented gentleman. A true feminist like me - in other words a man striving for gender equality and nonviolence in a healthy serious relationship.

I have a social worker career background, enjoy reading, jogging, walking, yoga, dancing, writing, watching documentaries and movies (comedy) life-long learning, developing my spirituality, being silly and laughing out loud. I would like to do all theses great activities with you and try your hobbies too!

I do not smoke, am vegetarian (do eat eggs) but do not care if you eat meat. I do not do any drugs or drink alcohol. Physically I am 5'4 and fit. I enjoy working out and would love if you would like to try yoga. I love yoga, the beach, kids innocent laughter (don't have any, but would at least like one someday), puppies, learning, feminist activites, history, espn, music and diversity. I enjoy being aware of social justice issues and helping one person at a time.

I am in no rush and want to tread slowly getting to know you...

What I'm Looking For

Well there you are....someone who is super sweet, very honest (tells no white lies or tall tales) does not smoke, or does drugs, lies, cheats, play games and one who is confident enough not to have a wandering eye or the need to check other women out (yes guys we are not objects) and I would give him the same loving respect (you guys are not objects to me either lol). A man who knows my worth. The man who is the same when is kicking it with me or chillin with his boys..The faithful and loyal type.

You are a hard worker but one who has work-life balance. A man who believes in actively listening - the ability to have a great conversation with reflection and validation skills. ;) Open communication, direct but very respectful. You are not bossy, or self-centered, a real down to earth honest man.

Religous? I am def not religous but spiritual and believe that all paths lead to the same. I hope you have a higher power and do not push it on others. I have mine. Divinty is in all beings, in life, we are creations of a great power! I am looking to meet a long-term partner who can grow our relationship into a loving spiritual practice. A partner who would enjoy going to a temples that unites all paths...

Above all you are kind, compassionate, you put your partner first, able to grow with me as better friends, best friends, and oh so much more...maybe even try cooking together.

Talk to you soon - looking forward to meeting you.


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