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A peaceful lad from Bahrain, Enjoys conversations
Online: 2484 days ago   Updated: 2485 days ago   Joined: 2486 days ago
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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: East Riffa Bahrain
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  A few extra pounds
  Heavy smoker
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About Me

Well, I am a peaceful lad from Bahrain. I am new on this site, I have just registered and trying to fill out my profile. Okay, I enjoy meeting new people obviously, however this doesn't mean I like to be friends with them, generally I enjoy meeting and socializing with others and explore our different points of views, interests and mind sets. That said, I am here on this site hoping to meet up with someone who shares with me similar interests and mind set, someone friendly and peaceful, someone who is open minded, someone who is not a racist by any standard, someone who enjoys a conversation over coffee and biscuits who enjoys sharing their points of views but at the same time respects my points of views. I am also looking in this someone to be one who shares with me the joy of hugs and cuddling and holding hands, and who wouldn't mind me sharing with her few cheeky kisses. so all in all, I am hoping to meet up with someone like me. I am not religious and I am not bias to any particular belief system or culture. On the contrary, I enjoy exploring other cultures and belief systems and anything else. Something you should know about me, maybe it is not really important because I am simply looking for a close friend, but I think I should share this, well, I am sexually numb, in other words I have not interest in any sexual activities, I am quite emotional and sexuality isn't on my agenda. But again, I love to Hug, I consider my self as big teddy bear really, probably because of my size and the extra weight, I love to cheeky kisses, I am also fond of French Kisses but it doesn't matter to me if my friend doesn't share my passion in french kisses in particular. I like to talk, and I like to listen, so it is very important that my friend to be a good listener, and also someone who would open up to me and shares with me what is on her mind and any feelings that might be bothering her, I am a very loyal and truthful, I am very honest and faithful, so I would expect the same from her, I am someone you can trust and she has to be someone I can trust, forgive me for saying this but most people can't keep a damn secret and would just go around gossiping and telling everyone about everything, this will surely hurt me and disappoint me, I will offer my trust and I expect you to do the same for me. so honesty is very important and "trustworthyness" is there is a such word. Frankly, I am quite a heavy smoker, so my friend has to be a smoker her self or at least doesn't mind me smoking. I don't drink alcohol, I used to, but I have quit for quite sometime, mainly because I am diabetic and taking my insulin very day, my favorite drinks are coffee with some coffeemate, and tea with a bit of cream, I don't use sugar obviously, for coffee it is fine with me to drink it without any low calories sweetener but for the tea I would prefer a sweetener with it. Now, another important thing I would like to share with everyone which I believe it would be very important, I am married, and I have been married for the past four years, I truly love my wife no question about that, we don't have kids and I personally don't want any, but if ever it happens I wouldn't mind and will fully take the responsibility to be a good father. So you may wonder what I am doing her on this dating site, right? well, the thing is, me and my wife we don't spend much time together, or should I say we don't spend quality time with each other, simply because she is always working night shift, and I am working during the day, so when I go to work she is in bed getting some sleep, and when I get back home she would have already went to work, and by the time she comes back home it would be quite late and I would be in bed sleeping, and honestly I have been avoiding going home because there wouldn't be anyone to talk to or spend a good quality time with, so I have been working extra hours and try to stay at the office tell evening, so that when I get home I would only take a shower, watch a little bit the History Channel, and then just go to bed and get some sleep and rest. The point is, I am feeling very lonely, and no one to hang out with, someone to open up to, so that is why I am here, I am hoping to find someone mature, someone who will not play mind games with me, someone who would truly like to be a good close friend with me. Yes, I am 32 years of age, and I personally try to avoid younger women, my personally very attracted to older women, I don't mean sexually attracted, but I mean mentally and emotionally attracted, and I must say I am physically attracted as well, not sexually but physically and there is a difference. So if you are 30 and above, please consider reading my profile and read about me, and if you wouldn't mind being friends with someone my age then that would be really cool. That said, I don't care what age you are, honestly, of course you would have to be 18 years old and above, i don't want to be accused that I am taking advantage of youngster. So again, age doesn't matter to me, all what matters is being mature and open minded and posses the characteristics I mentioned above. This is what I am looking for in a close friend. Again I would like to emphasize that I do enjoy meeting people from all aspects of life, socializing and talking, discussing and debating. I am however, hoping to meet someone who can be a good and close friend to me. Okay, i think I will stop here, there are other boxes on my profile I need to fill as well.
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What I'm Looking For

Okay, I have talked about that already in "About Me" box, but it is okay I will try to focus in here about who I am looking for.
Well, I am looking for someone who would offer me true friendship. Someone who enjoys to talk but also has to be a good listener. Someone open minded and not racist in any way. Someone who would enjoy to hang out with me and would offer me her time to hang out, as I would offer my time to hang out with her. someone who enjoys a conversation about anything, likes to debate, but also respects my points of views as I will respect hers, someone who would not try to change me and would take me as I am, and I will do the same as well. Someone who is not interest in any sexual activities, instead interest in non sexual activities, I mean someone who enjoys hugs and cuddles, enjoys cheeky kisses and maybe French kisses as well, who wouldn't mind holding hands and showing affection in public. someone who does smoke or at least does not mind me smoking. It won't matter to me weather she drinks alcohol as long as she is not alcoholic, I however don't drink alcohol, but it is all fine with me, just don't force me to drink with you, but you are welcome to do so, i don't mind. ohh! yes, someone who have taken some time to read some books, and would enjoy sharing with me their reading experience and talking about the books we read. I am a Web Developer, so I would always like to talk about anything related to Information Technologies, and particularly Web Technologies, so she has to be someone who is not bored with such subjects when we are talking. I am also looking for someone who would offer me her trust, as I would do the same, so someone who would not gossip around about me and can keep secrets, and of course I would do the same for her. I never talk behind people's back, so she has be someone who shares this characteristic with me. Well, I can't remember what else I can say here, so I will stop at this point and go to fill out the other boxes.


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