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Sweet, smart, artsy, ready to commit
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  Age: 33   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Brooklyn New York United States
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About Me

I am quiet and shy - except when you get to know me, then I am sweet, talkative, and amusingly wry. I am a word nerd, I love books, and adore storytelling in all its many forms. I am particularly interested in how fantastic elements and allegory can help break down and reveal insights into the essence of humanity. Meaning: I'm a bit of a fantasy nerd. I'm thoughtful, considerate, open, down-to-earth, and drama-free. I'm tall, and I like to be around tall people (it's a thing). I love going to concerts, museums, points of interest, restaurants, etc. I need an over-all structure and routine to make sure I go to work and brush my teeth, but within that I am completely spontaneous. I am terrified of being trapped in a stagnant relationship, and would prefer someone with that same fear who would therefor never allow things to be boring for long. Sharing Joss Whedon love would be nice.
What I'm Looking For

I am hoping to find someone reliable, stable, creative, curious, thoughtful, intelligent, spontaneous, attentive, and very, very nice. I like to be with people taller than me, and I'm pretty tall for a girl. I have lots of experience with the guy who DOESN'T want a lot of things from me, so I'm really interested in meeting someone who wants things, someone who wouldn't be terrified to have me move in or have me as someone to come home to. Someone open who, if they have walls built against people, would be actively working to build a gateway for me to enter. Someone who can enjoy a walk through the museum, a classical concert, and fancy food, but who can also cuddle, watch nerdy movies, and venture on cooking experiments. Someone who can talk a little about a lot. A best friend.

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