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Friendship, love, and fun!
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  Age: 56   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Portland Oregon United States
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  Yes - not living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

An avid outdoorsman, I can often be found running a wild river, fishing a quiet stream, or just wandering the beautiful wilderness we are so lucky to have so near to Portland. That does not go to say that I'm the stereotypical Neanderthal with the camo pants and the orange baseball cap, just that I love the quiet and beauty as well as the occasional adrenalin rush.

I’m building a practice as a personal adviser. This is provides me with a varied and most often flexible schedule, which fits nicely with my lifestyle.

While I prefer the outdoors, I also love to learn, and spend most of my quiet time reading everything from self improvement to historical fantasy. I am also a sci-fi buff, my favorite shows mostly being on the Sci-Fi channel, if not Discovery or the History Channel.

My musical tastes are varied, from classical to new age techno - just about everything except gangster rap and death metal. Some favorites are Savage Garden, Darkmoores Night, Brian Adams, Anya, and Moody Blues.

I love to cook, and when possible to entertain. This is difficult now as I have housemates who have different interests and schedules.

My circle of friends is small, with a large outer circle of friendly acquaintances. This is because I hold the term friend to the highest standard, and choose my friends carefully. Many have been friends since high school, with my oldest and closest friendship formed while playing together in the play pen in diapers.

I love to travel, and have lived in six states. Vacations are a big deal to me, and I take a week at least two times a year, one to explore someplace new, and one visiting my favorite spots. I also have several long weekends a year for rafting trips.

I dream of caving and kayaking in Costa Rica, seeing the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru, swimming in the Devils Pool at the top of Victoria Falls in Zambia, and revisiting my families castles in Ireland and Scotland.

I hope to weather this economic downturn with enough resources to retire early and enjoy a retirement full of travel and adventure, shared with the one I love and cherish.

I listed my religion as "new age" because there is not a category that accurately describes my beliefs. This is a mixture of new age mysticism, old Celtic paganism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Christian ethics and traditions. Feel free to ask me about these beliefs, I am not shy about discussing them, nor do I have any requirements regarding the religion or belief systems of either friends or prospective partners.

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What I'm Looking For

While most people are here to find their one true soul-mate, I believe that most will not. This is not because they aren't to be found online, but rather because so many people approach introduction services with an almost impossible list of requirements, wanting to find someone perfect. I choose instead to look for potential friends, with the hope that of those I meet, one will find me as irresistible and fascinating as I find them, for whom I will meet their needs and desires as completely as they meet mine.

A first meeting is not usually a real date. However, with my first goal being to make friends, I do not usually discount and dismiss people after a 1/2 hour meet and greet. Many people say that they know if there's chemistry in the first few minutes. That isn't chemistry - it's instant physical ATTRACTION. While this is a good thing, it is not everything, and is less important than a strong emotional and mental compatibility. Real romantic interest builds from an initial liking (SOME physical attraction does help) through getting to know one another, to a point where real emotions collide with shared goals, dreams, lifestyle choices, and desire - emotional, mental and physical.
After meeting in a public place, just about anything goes!, From a rafting trip down the Rouge to a caving trip to Central OR - from seeing a movie to a quiet dinner. The point is to just meet people with similar interests to have fun with. Anything that develops from there is great.


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