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Seeking a man of Courage
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The Basics
  Age: 44   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pelham New Hampshire United States
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About Me

I am a Christian mom looking to start over in life. I have lived in NH most of my life and I am looking to settle down eventually with the right someone. I say eventually because my divorce is not yet final and until it is, I cannot have a serious dating relationship, just friendship and activity partners. Hopefully, this will not deter someone who has an interest in me. There is nothing wrong with taking our time. :)

I am an avid reader of just about anything. I love anything "new" and I have an adventurous streak a mile wide. I can be forgetful and a bit eccentric at times, but it's all part of my charm. I love music, singing and dancing, even if it's just while folding laundry or cooking dinner. I don't like to be bored and I crave mental stimulation. If you want to win my heart you must first engage my mind and then my heart will naturally follow. Friendship is love to me, so if you become my friend first, I will love you forever. My independence and freedom are key to my happiness. I may go my own way for awile but I will always return to you. I am faithful, loyal, truthful, honest and supportive. I will always tell you what I think, even if you don't ask. My friends are everything to me, so you must be accepting and understanding of the time I want to spend with them.

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What I'm Looking For

I am seeking a man of courage, honesty, integrity, who has a heart for the Lord and puts Him first in all aspects of his life. A man who stand up for what he believes and is true to himself and people around him. I want a man who is faithful, respected and respectful, loves kids, and values family time and time with his friends. I want a man who has his own interests and understands that it's okay to spend some time apart as it makes the time you spend together that much more valuable. I want a man who prays and seeks God's face and know the value of love.

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