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Simplistic Togetherness
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  Age: 45   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Kingsport Tennessee United States
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About Me

I am intelligent. At least I think I am, though that is a matter of perspective. I am shy at time, but once the ice melts some I open up. I like to joke around and laugh more often than naught. What about looks? Brown eyes, Dirty blond hair if my head wasn't shaved; though I am getting a little tired of the look. I am just too lazy at the moment to want mess with hair again. Starting to get a better than average build. I have been trying to work off the office body. I also have several tattoos with two on the wrist and one on the upper back/shoulder and both ears are pierced. I am college graduate with a B.S. in Digital Media. Hmmmm... What else... I am a digital artist. I like go hiking and taking of long walks. I like to cook exotic foods. My taste in music is pretty varied with a preference geared towards metal. I would have to say that country is not my favorite. I like some Johnny Cash and few others, but in general, the music doesn’t appeal to me. I can get lost in a good book. Science fiction and fantasy are my genre of choice with some interest in crime novels and some nonfiction.
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What I'm Looking For

What am I looking for? I am looking for someone that I can be comfortably with in any and all situations. I want someone that I can talk about anything and everything with; philosophy, science, politics, whatever. I love candor. I want someone that doesn't mind showing and accepting affection. I want honesty and expect it in all things. I want someone that I can hold and cuddle with. I want someone that knows how to sit back and relax but can also go out and have some fun. I want someone to want me, not need me. I would be there for that person but could never tolerate someone that was too clingy. I believe everybody needs their personal private time and space. I believe that a relationship is a partnership with 50/50 in all things. I am looking for someone that is not large. I'm seeking someone that is relatively in shape or there about. Doesn't have to be a hard body or anything and a few pounds over that is fine to me. Sorry if that sounds crude but I want to be physically attracted to that person as well as mentally.

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