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I have no idea what should be here..read the rest
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Indiana United States
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  Medium, Shoulder Length
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About Me

ok, so, me.. It took me a long time to figure out who I am. I think we all tend to try and be who we think everyone else would accept us most as.. At this stage in my life I'm very self-aware and confident in the person I've become. I love music. All kinds, as long as it moves me in one way or another. I sing and am learning to play guitar. Slowly.. I'm trying! haha I no longer tolerate nonsense from folks. Sometimes I have trouble relating for the simple fact that a lot of ppl these days seem very judgmental, unaffected & cold. I am a very compassionate person. I'm also silly. I love to make people laugh, we shouldnt take life too seriously. Animal lover. Dogs mainly, but I love & respect them all. I'm driven & opinionated when it comes to some things. I love excitement. Speed is the best rush for me. Cars, boats, ATV's, whatever. Love the outdoors and all the beauty and serenity it has to offer. I have never been to the ocean. and I really really want to! It's crazy that I've never been because being in or near the water is where I'm happiest. It really is my element. By trade I'm a cosmetologist and I love what I do. Sorry if I bored ya. Anything else, message meh!
What I'm Looking For

I'd love to meet someone who is genuine. Someone who wants something lasting and amazing. I want the kind of connection that makes us absolutely lose our minds. there's nothing better than that. I want a guy who is secure enough in his masculinity that he has no problem telling all his buddies he's crazy about his girl. Someone who will appreciate the person I am and value my thoughts and interests. Someone I can be silly with and who will make me laugh and keep me smiling. I am a hopeless romantic and theres nothing sexier than a romantic guy.. I love intelligence.. its a MUST. He has to be able to carry a good conversation. Be honest and open. Dont senselessly place doubts on ny mind. Everyone wants someone who's faithful and no ones going to say they they're not, but I ha ent cheated and won't. I believe that if you're with someone, no matter how bad it gets, you owe it to that person and to yourself to be exclusive. If you're not happy, leave. very important!! Anything else, ask :)

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