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Why are there so many grouchy people
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  Age: 47   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Cleveland Ohio United States
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About Me

in Cleveland? I have met some nice people but more individuals who are ticked off at the world! Please, do not write me if you are having those issues. I am generally nice but I am getting more short with people who gripe about the past instead of taking control of their own lives to make it better. Griping is reinforcing the negativity in your life. Now, all about me :-)

I am a medical professional seeking someone who is, well, as they say, a lady in the street (as in public, not the other way, get your mind out of the gutter) and a ...well, you know the rest. In public, I do act prim and proper, as they say. (Still haven't figured out who they are in my 39 years, oops 40 now!) I will hold your hand, put my arm around you, and even a peck on the cheek. I may even grab your bottom. I will not likely French kiss you in public, have sex on a park bench (unless we're on vacation out of the country), or anything else to get arrested or disgust people who might be watching ... unless of course we are in that situation...you know what I mean. I will not get jealous. I will trust you until you cross that infamous line. (Still haven't actually seen this line but I do know when I or someone has crossed it.) What I am not looking for is someone that is co-dependent, still hung up on an old boyfriend, or someone who is just generally unhappy, as in nothing I do makes you happy. Am I too picky? If you are just looking for sex, go to the local bar, I'm sure you will do well. I also ask that my significant other is articulate. I don't go to many fancy meetings or black tie affairs anymore. I don't even have a suit these days. Though, it would be nice to insure that my significant other could handle that if we went. Most likely, we may end up at the local pub and throw darts or sit out at Whiskey Island watching the sunset over the boats with my dog.

BTW, I have a Weimaraner: my dogson. He is smarter than I, more stubborn than I, and just an all around pain in the ... (update 04/2011) Dogson is in boot camp. I did a good job with him but it is time to see what a professional can do with him.

My daughter is starting her 5th year of undergrad. I am ready to do more traveling.

I do have hair. Bald by choice. My hair grows back fast enough that I "bic it" daily.

Please don't write me and say, "Tell me about yourself" unless you have at least as much in your profile as mine. Thanks in advance.

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What I'm Looking For

I don't do real first dates. If you have a first date planned out, I probably will screw it up. I go with the flow. We can go to the dog park or hang out in the trailer park. A good way to see how someone acts is to get a couple of drinks in them and watch how they act in a bar. LOL. I haven't been putt putting in a while.

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