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A Drop of Reason in a Sea of Delusion
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The Basics
  Age: 67   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Oklahoma United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

UPDATE: For the ladies who think they require and deserve the perfect man....Please don't make such demands until you fit the following criteria.

1. Sexy, not stutty
2. Cool. Capable of watching sports and be helpful without acting like a know-it-all.
3. Smart and funny
4. Organized. Together and passionate about activities
5. Real. No reality show phoniness
6 Unconditional lover.Emotionally and physically and totally supportive

ATTENTION LADIES: No game players please! If you don't know what you want or how to get it, no guy is going to have those answers especially most of the goobers on here. I have too much to offer some deserving woman including stability, a home, honesty and integrity, intellect and stimulating conversation plus I'm a damn good lover.

Returning after being taken for a ride again. Please NO LIARS!!! I know that sounds crass but damn it, it is what it is.

About me kinda:

Like most, I managed to overcome the psychological damage done by my parents (lol) but being an only child I was destined to be different than most anyway.

I've actually thanked my mother several times for who I am. She must have done something right because most of the people I encounter are void of critical thinking ability, which is usually destroyed in childhood.

I don't expect too much from life because after we have accumulated all our "stuff" that means nothing and will be transferred to someone else or end up in a landfill, we are but a memory. The genuine qualities of life are more emotional than searching for some grand meaning. If we're lucky enough to find someone that understands mutual respect, loyalty and trust, then we are blessed. In the end, we're all nothing but a series or relationships and memories of those relationships.

Very independent, honest and loyal to a fault as long as that loyalty is mutual. Tend to have long term relationships, one time married and my best friend has been my best friend since high school.

Interested in someone that understands the value and uniqueness of life and have chosen not the waste time on frivolous and meaningless endeavors.

Noah Vail
A Drop of Reason in a Sea of Delusion

What I'm Looking For

Loyalty, integrity, adequate intellect, self-awareness, homor, non-delusional. Someone looking for a long-lasting meaningful relationship as opposed to one night stands.

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