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wine is fine but whiskey's quicker
Online: 2716 days ago   Updated: 2717 days ago   Joined: 2717 days ago
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Demopolis Alabama United States
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  Average, Casual
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About Me

you know what i am?
i’m devastated. a lonely, broken shell of a man
i spend my days figuring the most gruesome way to off myself in front of a crowd, so they can feel pain too.
but in all seriousness...
Call me Beasley. i can't stand my first name...
i'm 18 years old, enrolling in college sometime in the spring semester.
i am completely obsessed with technology. computers to be specific.
i love music, especially older metal.
Ozzy Osbourne is the greatest son of a bitch to ever pickup a microphone and don't you forget it!
as far as personality, i'm very emotional, although i don't wear mascara..
i'm very depressed and lonely, that'll happen when nobody on the face of this miserable little plant knows your name.
but don't think me a whiny bitch, i am after all a decent human being.

as far as likability; i'm a very sweet, caring person. i'm smart and funny, and i don't look like Ronald Reagan.
i'm the type of person who goes out of my way to make you happy. especially if i care about you.

What I'm Looking For

i'm certainly not looking for spam and stupid undecipherable messages asking me to hit a porn site, tis mostly what i recieve for some unknown reason..
i AM looking for a sweet, loving person who will be my friend and more. i'm looking for a true alli. someone who will stick with me no matter how stupid i get.
i want someone i can always trust, someone i can believe in. someone who loves me for me.
if that's too much then you aren't human.
another thing, please don't lead me on. and please don't just fucking ignore me.
if i'm not what you expect don't just throw me aside. have the guts to tell me you hate me.


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