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Look at life thru the eyes of a jester.
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Pittsfield Massachusetts United States
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About Me

Hmm.what to say? Intellectual, told I'm wise beyond my 25 years. I've been told I'm sarcastic when you first meet me, but its nothing more than a test. There's more to me than my sardonic look on the world. I enjoy football (GO RAMS), baseball (Boston of course), hockey (only when they fight or shatter glass, otherwise it bores me).

I work second shift at a job i honestly don't like at all, but its better than the alternative, unemployment.

I say what I mean, and mean what I say (unless i talk before i speak, then sometimes there's the oh shit, i just said that look, accompanied by a trillion sorries.

I don't like to be led on, or toyed with. You're either here for me and all my quirks, or don't waste my time. I don't believe in changing for another person, I simply modify things. I smoke cigarettes and pot, and have no issue not smoking around anyone as long as you ask nicely.

Now for the worst part (this will most likely scare a lot of you off, and shame on you if you judge me for it.) I live with my father. Yeah, its lame. I know. Spare me the BS, it's not because I'm not ready to forge into the world, its because of this wonderful Obamaconomy we've got going. Let's put it this way: I have a key to the house, my room's in a finished attic, and the only thing that bothers me up there is the sun in the morning.

What I'm Looking For

Looking for someone who's a straight-shooter, not afraid to tell me how it is, even if I don't like it. Someone who isn't completely shallow, there's more to everyone than just the looks.

Have some knowledge about cars, or at least willing to learn.
I go to racing events a couple times a year, so the whole "must love cars" isnt a dealbreaker, but if you're yawning at a car show, we won't last long.
Enjoy watching (and playing) video games, but not all the time.
420-friendly, but its not like I do that all the time, mostly when I can waste a few hours, or before I go to bed at night.

Should be up-to-date on current events in the world, and should be able to discuss opinions on them.

Don't be too judgemental of people, have an open mind.

Have a plan for life, even if it's as simple as "get a better job". Small victories are sometimes the best.

Someone who can laugh at everything. I can find something funny in just about ANYTHING. An example: My car's on fire on the side of the road. We're okay, where's the acoustic, the smores, and who's gonna sing Kumbaya?


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