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Be in a constant state of gratitude...
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Minneapolis Minnesota United States
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About Me

I live my life in a constant state of gratitude, embrace every ephemeral moment, and keep myself homestatically regulated. I play with brains all day long. Engaging in scintillating conversation is divine. Analytical debates are enthralling. Periodic nonsensical digressions are essential. Keeping pontifications to a minimum is a virtue. Been captivated and inspired by aesthetics manifests naturally and frequently. Riding my bike freely around this beautiful city is hedonistically liberating. The Greenway is a must. Running around the lakes, along the river, and through the city is a fucking treat. The sun setting behind the skyline and bustling traffic provides an exquisite ambience. Waking up before the sun has a chance to scratch its ass is thoroughly satisfying. I am in search of transcendental souls that are similarly inclined. Read on for more specifics. The forthcoming hypothetical kite-flying proposition is well worth the wait.

I'm an alacritous lover of knowledge and a staunch scientific humanist and agnostic. My time is largely devoted to working on a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I'm originally from Chicago and, although I favored it over Minneapois when I first made the move to the Twin Cities, I have since acclimated to smaller city life. I used to smoke and drink but have been quit smoking for over 4 years and been quit drinking for over 1 1/2 years. I exercise and meditate daily and am constantly focused on transcending the person that I was the day before (The moment one refuses change and progress is the moment that one chooses a living death). The impetus for this transcendence is in the yearning for continual growth, not from a fallacious perspective of attempting to correct some deficiency. I own a sunny 3 bedroom condo with a beautiful gated courtyard and have 2 roommates.

What I'm Looking For

I've been in a number of long-term relationships (two that went over two years) but have been single now for quite awhile. When in a relationship, I'm invariably monogamous. Ideally, my significant other is someone that is passionate, ambitious, responsible, independent, curious, inquisitive, beautiful, physically fit, open minded and has the capacity for impromptu silliness. I have NO expectations a priori when meeting someone new. It's worthwhile no matter what because, at the very least, you can always learn about what doesn't work for you. Alternatively, a burgeoning friendship could emerge...or dare I say more! I do dare; a romantic and fanciful kite flying escapade could ensue in the confines of a majestic park. However, this surreal experience between two cinnamon angels (i.e. potentially you and I) could be abruptly terminated if we inadvertently and haphazardly end up crashing our kite into a little boy's face. This has happened to me ad nauseum. Don't fret though. I'll cover the hospital bills and appease the parents. Scope my myspace profile if you desire more exhaustive info about me and want to hear some of the music that I work, walk, talk and dance to.

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