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If you claim me I am yours <3
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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Woodbury Minnesota United States
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  Casual, Average
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About Me

-=My Personality Type=-
(Witty Devoted Romantic) I will devote to those who devote to me. I will let go those who let go of me ;) So basically treat me as you want to be treated :3

-=Personal Introduction=-
Hi my name is Nathan but you can call me Nate or whatever you like. I am 23 years old as of May 1st and I am living in my own apartment in Woodbury. I am still figuring stuff out in my life but I am working hard.

-=My Flaws=-
Well I am super honest sometimes I am told too honest. I sometimes jump to conclusions when I am confused. I can be a bit of an attention seeker. (I have a high sex drive and I watch porn to curb it?) *For most thats a flaw. I can't lie for very long about even small things. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I give till I burn out. I have trouble telling my partner when I need space. I get annoyed with stupid comments. I can gt jealous and even rude. I am human. (I wrote too much on my profile lol)

-=My Hobbies=-
I like to spend time studying and learning new things :D I also am really good at videogames. I used to play more mmo *Mass Multiplayer Onlines* but lately they aren't as interesting. A lot of people cheat so I switched back to console games and movies. I like to make poetry and other romantic arts. I have considered starting my novel series called "Cosmaria" I like to talk on the phone and I meditate. Singing songs from the heart. Playing with my pc. (I only have what I would do here as of now. I haven't had much experience for much else. Expand me :D)

-=My Thinking style=-
I don't let things hold me back. I don't believe in 90% percent of the worlds stereo types. I don't like hearing people say I don't know how I feel. Especially since you feel it not know it XD I am not hear to get laid and if I get laid its a bonus. Not much scares me. I am spiritualist not religious. I like to look at the current problem not the surface; "If we disagree on something I may not stop within seconds... but I give in eventually. Its not outer beauty its inner beauty and by science your not overweight till your over 235lbs. If you are less then that your healthy. I don't believe in medication. I have found alternatives to most medical issues. :D I speak my mind in the nicest but straight forward way possible. I believe no matter what when I meet you your past is your past so lets leave it there ;)

-=How I feel about love=-
I believe love is a partnership. I believe that if you love someone you care about them and worry a bit even. I think when you fall in love you would do anything to help that person so long as you were physical able to. I believe love is devotion and loyalty. I believe sometimes love silently exists. It can be said without words or known prompts. I believe in love at first sight.

-=How I feel about lust=-
Most people say lust is bad. This is true when you’re in a relationship and it’s targeted at some guy down the street. It’s important to have a force of lust in the air towards your partner but maybe that’s just me I feel like that is one of many keys to keeping up a true romantic relationship.

-=Final Notes=-
I am on this site for many reasons. I want to meet people but if someone can meet what I need as an individual which as I experience more might get bigger it will bring me closer to find out about what I want in a wife. If nothing else its okay just to chat no need to be serious all the time right? I put a lot of effort into this profile and I hope its easy to understand. Thanks for reading :D This is me man! If you don't like me eh I am sure someone will someday :D I am living to be me. If I say I love you its serious. Even if its in the first 42 hours please know that its not a mind trick and that to make a profile this big just to get laid is pointless. I wouldn't put my heart and soul into what I do for something so stupid when I could do that all with my hand XD I am real if you want someone who has real qualities and real flaws you should give me a chance :D I am waiting on my Queen "The one who claims me" and as long as she can fulfill my needs and desires then I will always be there for you too *Heart*

I will quiz you about me so I hope you read this. Also the more open you are the more real you are expect me if I like you to say I love you because it takes courage to say what you really feel despite stupid societal norms.

What I'm Looking For

-=My Romantic Relationship Needs=-
Physical intimacy, A lot of open and real communication within the first weak, someone who isn't gonna send mixed messages, someone who likes to move fast in a relationship who will be open about her wants and desires. Someone who doesn't judge based on life circumstances. Someone who isn't affected by others but me and her. (Its your life) Someone who can understand me. Someone who can ask me questions.

-=Relationship Requirements=-
I am not looking to have a one night stand. I want someone who isn’t afraid of taking a chance. I want someone who can express herself emotionally, physically and spiritually without any real worry. I want someone who can tell me when something is bothering her and won’t beat around the bush and try and make me guess. I want someone who can see the inner beauty of the heart and not just the shell. Someone who can listen to me and help me through tough scenarios! I want someone who can love me as well as lust me. I want to be made the center of your world. I want to be the core of your heart :) I want to complete you and make you happy!

-=Other Reasons to meet=-
I am not technically looking for friends but if you like to have high intellectual spiritual conversations please let me know so we can talk it up :D If your a gamer girl too you should favorite me. If you like anime we should be friends lol. Sonic fan that's me. If your looking for someone to talk to about issues add me :D If your deep into spiritual stuff you should add me :) If you like and can see yourself having everything in my list you and I should get married! XD If you want an intimate encounter and I am single at the time you can chat with me. I am not really looking for anything my intent is more of what I truly seek not what I actually expect.


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