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Yeah!!! Needed to do that. These are impersonal.
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  Age: 42   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Hollywood California United States
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  Occaisional smoker
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About Me

You want to get to know me, not read a resume. I mean, I'm not interviewing for a job, right?!? If I am then you're doing it wrong.

OK, enough play ... for now :D

For my day job I work for Princess Cruises on the Web Team. Our group works on the shipboard and shoreside intranet (note: spell checker complains about those terms, but that's how we roll in the cruise industry :) ) We also produce some awesome shipboard Computer Based Training courses. You're probably are having the same reaction I had when I first read the job description ... boring! It's a ton of fun though. I work with an awesome team that gets to explore new and interesting technologies and systems as well as doing something that directly benefits my coworkers and customers.

I also develop mobile applications for webOS (I'll hit it big with that 4% market share and free applications, but I'll make up for that in volume!) I'm working on some applications now for the upcoming HP TouchPad. Eventually these apps will make their way onto Android and maybe iOS.

I'm pretty selective about who I get close to. I talk to just about everybody, but only the coolest few ever get to know the real me.

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What I'm Looking For

You're emotionally and physically healthy. You actually do have a good sense of humor. You are not addicted to drugs or alcohol. You have goals and are working to achieve them. You like who you are. You are smart! You are not a bartender, actor, model or stripper. You are motivated and have goals that you are actively working to achieve. You aren't addicted to drama! While you may have needs, you're not "needy"

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