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Laughter is the best medicine!
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  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Des Moines Iowa United States
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  Hazel, Green
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About Me

First things first- I am a firm believer that the guy should make the first move.....so do it to it ;)

I hate how awkward and uncomfortable dating can be. Especially first dates. I’m sure it would be much better if it was the “right person” but I haven’t found them yet, hence- why I’m here.

My favorite TV shows are It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother, The Office and House.

My favorite music- anything but country pretty much!

Sports- I like watching baseball the most. Cubs and Red Sox!! (No Cardinal or Yankee fans need apply ;))

I like keeping myself busy. Whether it’s with work or other activities. I really enjoy kickboxing, walking, (some) running, swimming and other things that keep me moving. Nurturing but competitive. Peaceful but energetic. I love staying up late -- whether it's to party, have sex or just read a good book -- but I almost always sleep in on weekends (unless I’m at the farmers market!)

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What I'm Looking For

I want to meet someone who will introduce me to new things, adore (or put up with) my moods and sarcasm, and keep me in line. Very important: a guy who's profile does not include a shirtless photo or a photo of him with his car. Sorry- no Jersey Shore juice-heads for me- Not my type. I do appreciate a nice ride as I have a pretty sweet one myself but not into****ness.

I am looking for a man that is confident. A guy who is intelligent, funny, handsome, patient, responsible, loyal and that makes me feel safe. Or at least some of the above! I like a guy that will surprise me every now and then. A man that will support me, yet still tell me if I'm wrong and will want me to do the same for him. The right man not only fascinates me but also brings out the best in me. We push each other to be the greatest people we can be.

What I really look for is complete and utter comfort. I can be myself around you without feeling judged. You can sit in your room working while I do a crossword and I'm entirely content. I only have eyes for you, you only have eyes for me and we communicate this verbally, physically and often. Fights are rare and when we do get into it, we don't stop talking until we've reached some sort of peace.

Flossing is important. Laughing is essential. Perfection is impossible. Better to be single than to be in a bad relationship. If it's worth it, I'll work for it; if it's not, I won't.

Don't say anything you'll regret because you can't take it back.

Finally, you must expose yourself emotionally -- it's the only way to reap love's greatest rewards.


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