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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Woodcrest California United States
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About Me

my name is Johnny Walker...no thats not a joke but it is funny or awesome, which ever way you look at it Lol im not your average 21 year old, i was the eldest in the family so naturally i had to grow up quick, been on my own since 18 and i know i still have alot to learn but dont give me that "your still a baby shit" Lol im working full time as a clerk (yes, im a fan of Kevin Smith, no, im not trying to make a statement) to get me threw college as a media tech im not in yet but i plan on going as soon as i can.. i provide for myself and am very independent, i have been single for 3 years and is very happy being single, i feel if you cant find happiness by yourself then you cant be happy with anyone else, maybe im wrong but guess what...i dont care Lol. i love sports, playing them mostly, basketball is my favorite and i go to the gym to play and workout almost every morning, breakfast is my favorite part of my day Lol im laid back and love to laugh, i dont think there is about 5 minutes in the day where im not laughing at something, ppl are always talking about wanting to be happy and i know personally that your always happy when your laughing,plus laughing takes you away from the world for a few moments and its always good to take a break, i dont take too much seriously in life and i love to have fun. i hate confrontation and drama but im not a push over. im not an ***hole like most guys so if and when you trip and fall i wont be laughing AT you, ill be laughing WITH you Lol i was raised in Louisiana so yes, i am a southern guy just not to heavy on the accent, because of the south im not one to beat around the bush so if your interested show interest and dont play with me like we are in middle school, you want me to be a man then be a women, im a bit old fashioned also, i was raised to respect women, while in a relationship to be completely monogamous, and be a man....i dont know whats wrong with the guys in my generation these days, if you wanna be an ***hole be one, but at least act like a man....i have a huge dream of being an actor, but i also make music and films, im a bit of a dreamer and im pretty artistic, but i moved to California June 1st to start my dreams Lol i firmly believe that you can be best friends with your girlfriend so if i talk to you, my intentions are friends at first and if we connect and something grows im in, but if not at least i would have made a friend, whats that saying...if you love something let it go...its just a less dramatic let go Lol xD 909-685-9855 ;)
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What I'm Looking For

someone who can make me laugh, i need to be able to hold a conversation with someone so intelligence is a must. im not too demanding on how a person should be, i believe everything can workout no matter how different or alike you are as long as you're willing to put in the work, and both sides have to try equally or else a relationship wont work

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