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Guaranteed to be more fun than ur Ex!!
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The Basics
  Age: 61   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Kansas United States
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About Me

Well, I guess to start off with, I'm pretty old fashioned. I believe in a monogamous relationship. I seem to be alone in that these days. I like to cook, although everyone seems to want to go out to eat, lol. I'm a good housekeeper, my Ex would say I'm a fanatic. Maybe...I just like everything in its place. Maybe a little OCD that way. I love a pretty yard and enjoy working in it. Planting flowers and all. I find that to be very relaxing. I like to take long walks, weather permitting. I love to go to the movies or watch movies at home. Gotta have popcorn though! I have 4 children, all grown and gone. I don't really want to raise any more. I have 8 grandchildren (3 inherited) and I love to spoil them as much as I can when I see them. I don't care for watching sports on tv, I've had to endure staying home on the weekend because a game was on and that is just not my cup of tea. I like to get out and do things on the weekend. I like to go look in Antique Malls. I wasn't able to travel a lot when I was younger because of my children but I really enjoy trips out of town at this point in my life. Although, I don't like it when there is so much planned to do that its not a very relaxing trip. I am really kindof a homebody who likes to get out and about just once in a while. I just like all the comforts of home. I work hard to make it an enjoyable place to be. I guess I got all that RUNNING out of my system quite a few years ago. I am pretty open to discovering new things to try. I don't ask for anything out of a relationship that I'm not willing to give. I like to go out dancing and my taste in music is CandW, old rock and I've just discovered that I really like blues.
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What I'm Looking For

Hygeine is very important to me and I would hope that it is to you also. I like tall men, as I am tall. Just a preference (6' or over). I NEED to exercise, but don't. I need some motivation..like a partner to do it with me (and we are still talking about fitness). I would NOT be a good match for you if you drink very much or if you like sports a lot. I am pretty open to discovering new things to try. I am looking for long-term and I don't really believe in having a boyfriend that has a lot of unmarried GIRL-friends (and...I won't tolerate it, so, if thats what you have in mind...pass me by, PLEASE). I'm just looking for a Prince Charming...not a toad, lol. It is also important to me that you are a Christian. I do smoke. I may quit someday, but as it stands, I do. So..if that is a problem for you, don't contact me. I would like to meet a nice looking man, grounded and focused, for good times and more.

Oh...one more thing...no pic - no reply, no exceptions



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