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Not your average girl
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  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Va Beach Virginia United States
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About Me

please allow me to introduce myself - Chalise [SHA-LEASE] . 22 Years Whatever i dont know whether you consider it younq or old . I flat iron my hair a little too much ! I HATE hair in the sink . I don't overdose on "COOL" because i check my inqredient's first . In love & planninq to Re-define findinq forever ? Oh yeah i love the way he's only peaceful when he sleeps [ELIJAH] . Aqainst violence & con's . Save the drama for your momma PLEASE . My sarcasm might hurt your feelinqs so HEADS UP . I dont write "lOl" unless im really lauqhinq out loud . I have an Empireal style , the streets are my runways so it's okay to stop & stare at me . My feet are small & my sock's are always mix-Match - Save the label's for soup cans cause what you see in me is only a percentaqe of who i really am . I accept people who are liked . My hands are always cold . I love love love my friend's & yes i believe in that word . Your not perfect nor anywhere near it & your not unique ' these word's have no definition because theres no such thinq . Very charismatic person & no people i am NOT a million dollar ticket . Im not hard to understand , Just take a qlimpse at me cause ima keeper :] . Did i mention im a soup ina can ? NO ! well i am [ White Black & Indian]. Intrestead in the medical field & thats a dream im qoinq to follow & no one is qoinq to conquer destroyinq . Get to know me before you judqe me & realize im the COOLEST swizzy . I dont need to prove anythinq to the world nor the world to me . i DONT imprint fake smile's because im simply not fake , If im sad DEAL w| it . If you dont have faith , You miqht wanna borrow some because trust me you'll need it . Never apoloqize for beinq yourself & always question the information passed on by others. The day ends dark but only you can make it briqht n sunny the next .
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What I'm Looking For

a REAL man . starting to lose faith that one actually exists in this day and age . My weaknesses are muscles and nice eyes . i kno i kno .

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