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Looking for what I've been missing for so long
Online: 3625 days ago   Updated: 3625 days ago   Joined: 3626 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 50   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Jackson Heights New York United States
The Details
  Yes - not living with me
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Eye Colour:
  Green, Brown
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About Me

I am a 40 year old guy, 6'3" tall, 180 lb, long (naturally) blond hair, green-brown eyes, all in all somewhat presentable…
I am recently separated, have 3 gorgeous daughters, who live with their mom.

My character is straightforward and very outspoken, as i do not like lies, hidden agendas, headgames and such.
Since i always speak my mind just as it comes to me, dont be scared by my untainted statements.

I am not looking for a quick lay or one night stands, on the contrary, but sex is a very important part of a relationship to me. its kinda like a fuel that i can thrive on.

What I 've been missing for a long time, is closeness and real sex. I like quickies, longies, wet, endless kisses, sensual sex and sometimes just fucking cause it is so much fun. I love to give oral sex until you faint but also love to receive it back. I like hanging and talking, watching a movie or cooking a nice meal (I am a chef) as much as going to a good club and dance the whole night long.

Currently I am renting a room in Jackson Heights and paying rent and cost to my ex and my ladybabies, so don't expect any benefits besides the benefit of a shoulder to lean on, a heart that can listen and a soul you can fly with.

I might be a pain in the ass sometimes (but who isn't) and am a bit arrogant at times (although I think that I have worked and lived hard enough for 40 years to deserve that). I am sarcastic and a bit cynical, but quite some people actually enjoy that side of me as pretty humorous and funny.

If that whole package doesn't scare you of, just get back at me.
But please spare me the thousand links and re-routes to other websites and dating services, I am for real and if you are we can make it happen without that.
If you have a photo of your likeness, I would love to get one if you don't mind.
Looking forward to hearing from you….…


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What I'm Looking For

If you read carefully above and think you can match that, then I am looking for YOU!
You like crazy? Then you like me! You like a shoulder to lean on? I got that for you!
I am looking for someone who can listen and wants to talk. I am looking for someone, who is hungry for sex as much as for just hanging together and talking the whole night. I want someone who loves to laugh and is not shy to cry when she needs to let it off. I am looking for a soulmate for my longing soul…


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