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I'm Looking for a best friend and a lover.....
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Nevada City California United States
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About Me

I'm huge kid. I'm intelligent and passionate. I'm well aware of the fact I'm intelligent, perhaps too aware. I'm going through an odd point in my life where I need to figure out what to do next. I love music, Ferraris, video games, tv, movies etc . I'm a bit of a homebody I love to cuddle and talk. I have a dark sense of humor. I'm a realist and a hopeless romantic. I have a rather large ego and know what I want from my life, I just haven't really figured how I'm getting there. I'm looking for a best friend and a lover someone to share my loves, my passions and truly be myself with. I truly want to be one with someone to move as one and not worry about having to hold back. I'm a very polite person. I love to meet new people and I enjoy being the center of attention. I have a dominant personality and I am very opinionated. I love other passionate people and I want someone who is full of love and understanding.

I love animated comedies, The Venture Brothers is my absolute favorite show. I like futurama, Family Guy, Titan Maximum, The Simpsons etc. I like Tosh.0 the X files, Top Gear.... The lists goes on as far as shows go... I love many many movies The dark knight is most likely my favorite (I'm huge Batman nerd) as Far as Books go it depends on my mood... Music Is beyond important to me. TOOL is my favorite band bar none... The list goes on and on

What I'm Looking For

Someone that wants to completely embrace me as the person I am. I want someone to go and play with, someone that will love my passions and interests. I need someone that can hold a real, intelligent thoughtful conversation with. I want someone that gets me and loves it. I need someone that can make genuine compromises. As far the physical goes I can't date someone that is largely overweight. I can't. Pretty faces are a must for me :). I don't want a very girly girl. I want someone that can go and play with me as I said and the requires getting dirty every now and then. I'm a dominant person so I need someone that loves strong people and hopefully isn't as stubborn as me. I'm a huge nerd so I'm looking for another nerd :). So in summation she would need to be intelligent, cute, willing to put up with my shit :), nerdy, excepting and loving

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