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Small town girl..in a Big city world...
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  Age: 48   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Houston Texas United States
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About Me

A native Texan and proud of it; a true Southern Belle. I am the type of girl that is comfortable in her own skin. Can go from a t shirt, baseball cap and jeans to a little black dress in a moments notice. Educated and well read; you would be more likely to meet me in a Barnes and Nobles than a Singles bar.

I like to laugh and live life outloud. I enjoy cooking, winebars, sports bars, museums, live music, hockey and football. I also like to stay in and hang out with friends or that special someone to snuggle and watch movies with on the couch..

I am not rude, judgemental, jealous or bad tempered...I won't put up with any drama because I have none of my own. I would never ask you to lose your friends stand in the way of you spending time with your family/kids or ask you to sell your Harley so I would expect the same of you. ;)

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for a GREAT guy..not Mr. Perfect for I am not perfect...Looking for a guy who is comfortable in his own skin. Has morals, values, is a family man, has real depth of character and is EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE. A guy that I can take anywhere. Must have a sesne of humor and not take himself too seriously.. A SUPERIORITY complex does not impress me...

People who have not lived much life I find BORING. I don't care about your titles or toys (nice to have) but I care about YOU and who YOU are...what experiences have made you the person you are today?

If you are not monogamous or a serial dater do NOT apply. I do not need a chat buddy or pen pal..looking for romance and a real relationship.


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