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A Lonely Girl,Looking For Love <3
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  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: none Ohio United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

Hey there! My name is Megan. I am 19 years old.. I'll be 20 in like a month. Right now i am currently unemployed.. but don't expect it to be that way much longer. I"m in the process of getting a job. After I work for awhile, I plan on going to school sometime within the next year. I believe I'm young, and I have all the time int he world to do the things i want to do. I just take life one day at a time. There's no need in rushing things. So, I am single. I don't let the single life bring me down. Yeah, there are times i get a little upset and lonely, and wish i had someone. But what does crying about it do? it doesn't get you anywhere. so there's really no point in letting it bring you down. I know that one day, when im least expecting it, I will find the man of my dreams. Whether it be next month, or years from now. I know it will happen.there's someone out there for everyone. Okay, so I'm not a very picky girl when it comes to doing things for fun..I'm down for just about anything. I don't care to get dirty what-so-ever..I love to sing, shop, fish, camp,go four-wheeling, get on the internet, watch tv-movies, bowl, hang out with friends, i love to do so many things. I love hearing the rain hit the roof when i'm laying in bed. it's so relaxing. thunderstorms scare me though.haha. i love the color pink.. and purple is my second! i love to just cruise down the street,going really fast,jamming to music,singing at the top of my lungs,and my hair blowing in the wind! lol. idk.. there's a lot to learn about me.. if we talk, you'll know more. haha
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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone who is funny, loyal, faithful, trustworthy, sweet, romantic, nice, not extremely over jealous, someone who will trust me, someone who isn't physically or mentally abusive.. And just to let you all know ahead of time.. I may only be 19 y.o. and a female..but i am far from stupid! I'm not into the bullshit games,and all of that. so if you are..you might as well get off my page now, and go find someone else. because i'm not the one! I notice the littlest things that you would never think i would notice.. I know exactley what i'm looking for in a man, and if i have the littlest..the most slightest doubt about you, I won't go threw with it. why keep something going when you question it? true love is something you just know. you don't have to question it. I haven't had the best relationships..and yes at one time in my life i was stupid..to where i let men treat me like shit..and do whateveer they wanted to me..because i THOUGHT they cared..but i learned from all of them. and today they make me the better person that i am. live and learn is what i say. proceed and progress..and that's what i plan to do.

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