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The biggest challenge you'll ever have.
The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: spokane Washington United States
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  Occaisional smoker, Smoker
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About Me

I can try my best to sum myself up, here it goes I like tattoos I like piercings. Im christian and proud of it. But you may very well also see me smokin marb reds and drinkin. ;) I'm a country girl at heart, my friends say I talk like a valley girl. I grew up watching nascar. "DALE JARRETT BABYYYY" I'm a little bit of both I love training horses I never watch tv I would much rather be outside, I ? blake shelton and miranda lambert. I ? baking and I hate cooking. I like to take photographs. I ? learning. I ? teaching. My family's my life. Family isn't about blood. I laugh too much, I sing too loud, I cus in church, and i'm way to spontaneous for my own good. I never let my preying knees get weak I drink too much and smoke too often I am beyond loyal too my friends and family. Working for what I want out of life is what keeps me so up beat. I love who I am and I deal with who Ive been. I plan on being a photographer and journalist. I cannot waiiiiit to start schooling for it. I want to travel the world. It will happen. I am... How should I put it... Perfectly imperfect
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What I'm Looking For

A guy thats ok withhh just chillen, and isnt all egomaniac but is still very good looking :) I just need someone who can keep up. Its a hard task too do. This site is probably utterly pointless. But hey whatever. It takes a strong person too get me a stronger person too deal with me. I'll be blunt with you. Good or bad. I expect the same.

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