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Good girl Looking for a Good man [=
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The Basics
  Age: 32   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Lansing Michigan United States
The Details
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Colour:
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Shoulder Length
About Me

I'm 22 years old. My friends and family mean the world to me. I just started selling Pure Romance! I honestly listen to every type of music. I'm moving to Lansing in August with my best friend in the whole world shes like a sister to me. I love having fun going glow putt putt..and yes i am amazing at putt putt...now bowling I suck at but its still so much fun to do. But I also enjoy relaxing in my yoga pants and hoodie watching movies on a couch all day too. I love hanging out with friends and family they mean the world to me. Going shopping, traveling, skiing, movies, concerts. Pistons, tigers and redwings games are also tons of fun to go to [: I know how to spiral a football i also love playing soccer and basketball. Bonfires are a must during the summer [:

30 random things about me:
1.I've gone to 13 Countries.
2.I will watch ESPN and not ****.
3.I love texting but it gets me through long days of work.
4.I've never been on a real date sad I know.
5.I grew up in Mason but now live in Lansing.
6.I would say I'm a city girl but i love mud boggin [:
7.I've never been camping, hunting or fishing but i've been told that will change.
8.I love the xgames.
9.I'm the oldest out of 3 girls.
10.My parents are still married.
11.I've been skiing since I was 4.
12.I work at Menards, US Census and sometimes at Sunoco.
13.I hate picking fights and Drama.
14.I hang out with more guys than girls because girls are ****es.
15.My moms side of the family is huge and my dads side of the family is very small.
16.I love Harry Potter movies but ive never read the books.
17.One of my all time favorite movies is the Goonies.
18.I love Jackass and Nitro Circus.
19.Going putt putting is fun but i suck at golf.
20.Up north is my favorite in the summer.
21.I have to go to cedar point in the summer [:
22.I'm a pretty laid back girl and go with flow of things.
23.Quads are soo much fun.
24.I'm known to be a blonde but im not as bad as what i was in high school.
25.i dont know what to go to school for but i have around 5 choices in my head.
26.I love going to DTE in the summer for concerts [:
27.I've gone to around 60 or more concerts since i was little.
28.I honestly listen to every type of genre of music.
29.The only beer that i have ever liked was landshark.
30.I'm a girly girl to the fullest but i dont mind getting dirty.

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What I'm Looking For

I would love to be in a relationship I want something real and true. I'm sick of the petty bullsh*tgames just saying. I'm looking for a a guy with a great sense of humor, someone i can trust no matter what be romantic and passionate with too [= Who I can take to sports events, and if i see something that reminds me of you more than likely I will buy it just because it reminds me of you. But also if we can cuddle on the couch and watch movies or sports all day I will be happy as can be [= ask me questions guys or message me[=


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