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Conversation, engagement, connection, intimacy...?
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  Age: 52   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Mosman Park Western Australia Australia
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About Me

I'm a frustrated writer/humorist/film maker who really wanted to be a great singer/songwriter and come up with a Grand Theory of Everything while still young enough to enjoy it. Love of course was something I took for granted. Great men have got bigger things on their mind than finding love. Love will find them. In abundance. And so why am I here? Somewhere on the road to greatness I got bogged down writing my masterpeice and right now I'm working as a social trainer which is basically caring for the disabled. Still waiting for love to come to me, but in the meantime thought I'd come online and chat and see if I can make a few friends or at least have some interesting conversations. Not so much chasing, just putting myself out there to be found. Looking for conversaton, connection, intimacy and friendship. Suspect it will involve drinking copious cups of coffee, and meeting a whole lot of people that probably won't go on to play a major role in my life. If I meet a few nice people and have some interesting conversations, that's fine. If I make a couple of friends, even better. As for love, I don't think it's something you find so much as something that sometimes evolves out of intimacy and friendship, and if nurtured will develop and blossom, but that's something you've got to both choose.
What I'm Looking For

Interesting woman willing to talk. Online or over phone to start maybe meeting up for a coffee or meal. and si if and how things develop.

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