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Gamer guy, looking for gamer girl!
Online: 2162 days ago   Updated: 2162 days ago   Joined: 2162 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Nuneaton Warwickshire United Kingdom
The Details
Body Type:
  None but want some soon
Eye Colour:
  Blue, Green
Hair Length:
  Very Short
Sexual Orientation:
  Bi-Curious, Straight
Hair Colour:
About Me

I am who I am and that is; Honest ( I am!), messy, loving, bit dull sometimes, quiet, bad at conversing in general, better if the other person shares the interest as it will flow but most of the time I struggle to talk to most people :(

I like making things on the computer, I'm not good at it but I like it none the less lol. At the moment I'm trying to learn to make games, I'm understanding the rules behind the process as I go but as I'm learning from the web and from general mashing the keyboard to see what happens, it's kinda slow progress. Playing games is always fun, the older I'm getting the worse I seem to get at them though lol still I can't get enough of them. I'm just a child in a man's body you could say, like Tom Hanks in that film "Big".

My life hasn't been too special really, the most recent parts I spent a long time living on my own in a caravan, lol no really I did. It wasn't the luxury you're imagining it to be though, it was like a prison and I hated it. The only thing that got me through those times was Oscar, my only and most loyal friend sadly he died on the 15th March 2012. Some people say it's a just a pet but I loved that dog more than most people love their kids and I miss him everyday! This is who I am from what I think some of it might not be accurate as I am bias lol.. But yeh as terry tibs said "twalk to me" and make your own opinion as I "honestly" don't know myself, myself. Sooo...?

What I'm Looking For

Straight to the point as nicely as I possibly can >.<
Average / slim.
Average / pretty.
within 5 years of my DOB.
Friend / relationship / partner.


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