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looking for a one in a million type of guy? Its me
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: North hollywood California United States
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  Very Short
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About Me

Ok, whew... Are you sure youre ready? Lol I grew up in north hollywood, california... Moved to tennessee for bout 8 years... Then lived in evansville, in. had a daughter. Thats too long of a story... Ill get to all that later. Lol I am a funny, goofy, honest, cuddly, faithful, loves to sleep, hang out, live life to the fullest, most caring, romantic ball of best hearted, non drinking, outdoors typeof gentleman the worlds ever seen. I got high hopes and bigger dreams than any other, ever... U ever heard of a one in a million?

Craziest point ... there's actually 2 of those, I went through a tornado in 2005 with my daughters mom magicman812 And woke them both up... Put em on t the ground pool big mattress over them covered in late on the mattress and we went for a ride, a ride we lost everything in... Google pics of tornado in eastbrook trailer park, evansville, in. the second craziest moment just happened, bout 2 weeks ago... Sold all I had to move here to martinsville, il with someone i dated for bout 3.5 yearsbefore, and we dated lived together for 2 months, I got job at the foundry... Bought whole apt full of tvs furniture, she had 3 kids... And she put my clothes out and is trying to keep all I bought in last 4 weeks in her apt... I have receipts for all... Need it. To start again... U know? I know nobody here but the people I work with... Guy said I can stay with him... Till I get going... Like a gift from above, he is. Im from a big city, where no one cares,, but here its amazing how many good people there is in this town... So, my goal is to strictly meet people, friends... Weed out the bad ones... And eventually find one that will love me as much as I love them... For who they are, abd how they act... Not for anything else but life long commitment. And honesty. Im a person thatsdestined for better, wanna find my match to share it with... Been in long relationships forever, 7 year, 4 year, & 5.5 year. All of whom are still good friends with. I enjoy finer things in life and I know how to get em. Had em all, and got robbed, kinda. U know? Ive had a rough life, could write 5 book series about it... Just need to meet new friends Give it time... Cause in 2 months here, this whole small town knows, and likes me...

Im contagious with all I do.! 1 in 1,000,000. Michael in martinsville

What I'm Looking For

Looking to meet nee people, cause I dont know anyone around here... Friends of course...

But honesty, faithfulness, loyalty, laughs and good times are what im looking for.
Mabye develop into more. Lol


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