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Looking to take things slow!
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The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Mixed   Location: Oregon United States
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About Me

I'm a sweet, charming girl. Usually quick witted when I'm not nervous. Love spending time with my family. I would choose a good BBQ or game night over clubs and heels everytime. My passion in life is getting to know new people, new places and new things. With that being said I haven't actually found my calling in life... But I am still hopeful that it's there. I'm the type of girl to accept a job for the happiness that it brings me just to be in a positive work environment versus for the money. I have been known to quit jobs and leave myself in a sticky situation, but I ALWAYS get myself out. Where there's a will, there's a way!
I prefer to hang with people that can become friend/family (where I grew up the terms are interchangeable). If I don't find people that can't learn to play nice, laugh a lot and enjoy the simple things than I just have to appreciate my time alone and i do!
My interests include, bbq's, movie nights, breakfast get togethers, camping, snowboarding, walking around town, grabbing coffee, traveling and weekend get aways.
I love caring for people, that's to say that I love making sure everyone feels like they have a special place to be and people that appreciate them. If you can appreciate that, than we'll get along great :)
And one last thing, I've recently decided that I will not be having sex until I am married.. It sounds so cold when you read it in writing but I'm not trying to create any misconceptions! If that doesnt scare you off or if that didnt pertain to your intentions with me (as in, you just want to be friends) than please, write me :)

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone who didn't think twice about the last couple of sentences in my about me section! I want someone who is on the same path as me because i already fell in love within someone couldn't have been more different and as much as we both tried to bend over backwards trying to find the middleground, there just wasn't any. Beyond that i'm looking for a man who is family oriented, as in appreciates the people in their life and wants to pass on those values someday to their family. I'm looking for someone that is smart enough to read the directions but sometimes just chooses not to to see where it gets him. Someone who laughs at their own mistakes and keeps a good attitude. And I hate arguing... I will be the first to waive a white flag just to get on and enjoy my time with you, I will be sincere in my apologies, and I will expect to hear an apology if you felt it was necessary but mostly I will just be a good communicator to prevent such things. Therefore I need someone who is good with their words and doesn't shut me out when they are stressed.

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