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Seeks Sweet, Smart and Nerdy
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  Age: 42   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Glendale Colorado United States
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About Me

Growing up Ive lived on every side of Denver, raised by a crystal wielding civil rights activist, holistic healer and quintessencial hippie type mother... I myself am a holistic massage therapist which is one of my favorite jobs yet...! In large part cause Im good at it 1. and 2. I very much see benefit in and enjoy holistically being able to make people feel outstanding with what what Ive learned over the years... Admittedly I also love time after time having my ego stroked after Ive given a client the best and most drooly massage of their lives... lol!

Im a strong willed, very outgoing, light hearted, loyal, heavily tattood, well groomed, sarcastic, passionate, personable type, I open doors for all, will talk to anyone about anything, Ive been around the block more than a few times and I definitly need a woman who can find harmony with this list sofar, who is no pushover, is comfortable in her own skin, loves to kiss, cuddle, touch and be amused by corny slapstick repartee then be an honest~n~true Bestie and partner in crime... ;)

Im the strong teddybear type... Ive always been a bigger dude but I wear it well and like to stay fit though its a challenge, I do yoga, have taken several martial arts, take all types of classes at the gym, I dig tooling around in nature, cooking, singing karaoke, sticking my foot in my mouth, trying new things, going to new places, and doing new stuff... On the fly or planned, it plum dont matter because Im rediculously easily amused (by myself if anything) and as long as the companys good, who cares right...

Wrapping up here I'll share that if you play games, are broken, unbalanced, have posted pictures that look nothing like how you loook currently, are unapologetically flaky or an electromagnet for drama, FOR REAL, dont contact me...

Im a first rate dude, a great date and as real as they come so lets keep it light, fun, maybe generate some sparks, possibly even build an unrestrained fire, maybe just we will just be friends and thats kool too, who knows lets chat... ;)

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What I'm Looking For

Im generally attracted to girls who are femenine, pretty, flirty, sweet, short, at least somewhat fit and flexible, hilarious, level headed, unafraid to get her hands dirty, likes the outdoors as well as is personable and approachable to others... Sweet, actually goes very far with me... The way I see it it is only fitting and proper that people be nice to eachother at all turns, look out for one another happily and lovingly because thats the Point! ;) The more love we pump out into the world the more will be out there and Im all for that .. Sooo, if your chronicly pesimistic and not generally positive then I will probly annoy you eventually, if I havent already... lol! ;P


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