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Hello there! I'm Single, let's chat sometime! :]
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Asian   Location: MANILA Philippines
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About Me

Hi, Thank you for visiting my Profile. I'm Liz.

i am very funny,supportive, loving, caring person and loves to travel anywhere with my friends.

when it comes to my family.. theyre great and they means the whole world and the most precious to me. they're not perfect but you can always depend on them thats why i love them so much. and the most important is we do believe in God, I thank him everyday for all the blessings that he's giving us. :)

another info about me, i'm terribly inlove in photography, it's where i could express my thoughts and feelings. makes my self calm when things gone down. trust me, its the best feeling ever.

i didn't join in this site just to play games, Im here to look for a serious,fun and long lasting relationship. I'd like to find a real man, a man who is honest, faithful,caring and accept me frm who i am and who i am gonna be in the future. if you'd like to know more about me, you can send email and surely will respond to you anytime.

PS. if you guys only want to play games, you can click the other profile, cos i wont entertain any perverts. sorry but im jst being true, why waste time for nothing? think about it.

for the people who are interested in me, dont be to shy to send me email..i won't bite :) let's see where this relationship could lead us. I'm telling you now that I'm not that beautiful/pretty n petite nor fat,, Im just an average woman who loves to be as what i am.

anyways, hope you all have fun searching for your love ones.

God bless you all :)

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What I'm Looking For

A man who is serious and not scared of making any commitments to one person. A man who is very passionate with everything, who is not ashamed of making kisses, hold hands and hugs in public. A one woman man with a good heart and is willing to accept me from who i am and who i'm gonna be in the future. A man who is willing to know more about me and my family and willing to sacrifice everything for his/our future family.

Im not looking for games, as I'm looking for true love and honesty.



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