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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Glen Burnie Maryland United States
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About Me

I felt like my profile was due for an update, so here it is. I was looking at another site similar to this, and while I do not particularly like that site, I did like the profile setup, so I am using their format. It started by asking me for my "story" (I'm just going to copy and paste it lol)...


A story eh? Alright, here goes... Once upon a time (lol) two wonderful people got freaky deaky in that fantastic 80's fashion. Nine months later, a bouncing baby boy was born. After the successful birth, his parents raised him with love and affection, taking great care to make sure that he recieved a proper education and a pleathora of stimuli in hia young life. He had a fun filled albeit average youth, and grew into a strapping (lol again) young man! Twenty-five years later, he finds himself travelling the world, with a job that he absolutly loves (and probably spends a bit to much time at). Yet something still leaves him feeling empty. Lacking the answer as to why, the young man decided to delve deeper into his work, and take even more time to see the world, until finally he found the answer which he sought... the was no "Mrs" Young Man (bahaha I had to!). Not being a huge fan of the local pubs, the young man decided to try a website called "Zoosk", which apparently enjoys story time. To be continued...

Ok now for those of you that just read the back of the book and call it a day, here is the summary. I'm a 25 year old guy who has just returned to the country after a 2 month trip to Australia. I love to travel and love my job (which is what leads to most of my travelling). Now that I am back home, I'm trying to find the right girl for me. I'm kind of a goof, as you've probably gathered from the above nonsense. I've run out of room lol so message me for more info :)

(Then it asked me about my "perfect match")

What I'm Looking For

Perfect Match:

Ok lets get down to business, who is the perfect match for me!? Ok well lets start by saying that I don't really believe there is a "perfect" match. Lets see how well I could describe my ideal woman. Well for starters, you have to have a sense of humor! Don't be a bump on a log! Tatoos and piercings are ok, as long as you don't have a million. Sleeves (the tatoo kind) and overly pierced women are a turn off, sorry. As much as I'd like to say that looks mean nothing, but that would be a lie. Don't get me wrong, they absolutly aren't everything, only a small part in a large amount of things that go into making a woman great, but they do play at least a small part in a relationship. I take decent care of my body, and can appreciate a woman that does as well. I'm not saying you have to be the pinnacle of fitness so please don't take that the wrong way! Last but not least, please please please have your life together! At least some goals, aspirations, some kind of direction.....and maybe a car lol. Message me, the best way to find out if were going to get along is to say hello!

(It also asked my about my favorite music, movies, and books)


I love music. Let me repeat that, I LOVE MUSIC! I can get down to anything from classical to punk rock, pop to rap, even some country!


Movies are awesome! Some favorites would include: Inception (the most recent movie Ive seen so its going at the top), Toy Story 3, Inglorious **stards, Braveheart, My Girl, Uptown Girls, Step Up 2: The Streets (I was a background person in this, dancing in the club lol), Any Will Ferrel movie, Boondock Saints, Smokin Aces, Any Jackie Chan movie, Click. I'll continue this list later, I could go on for days!


The 3 that are currently on my nightstand are: The His Dark Materials Trilogy, The Dinkum Guide to Aussie-English, and The 4 Hour Body.


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