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Looking for something real deal :)
Online: 2609 days ago   Updated: 2610 days ago   Joined: 2610 days ago
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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Alabama United States
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About Me

Im 18 years old almost 19!. And live in oxford annnd I hate it. Im young, And sometimes im crazy, I live my life up to the fullest. And I expeect the worse all the time, I never think positive about anytthing. Even if I know I Should. I Lost my mom 4 years ago. And she was absoloutly the best thing that has happend to me. But you gotta go on right? I'm not simple, but the simplest things in life do make me the happiest. I have been told I am something special, and when it comes to myself I like to think that I am different than the other million something people that overcrowd this planet.Truth be told, I have a lot of heart, and "heart means everything." I can guarentee you, even though I am still figuring myself out, i am still happy with exactly who i have become so far. Im looking for something different..REAL. I'm tired of being played and lied to i want a mature Guy. I'm tired of giving my all in a relationship and getting screwed over.
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What I'm Looking For

Someone i can be myself around. That's fun to be around, And can put a smile on my face without even trying. I want something real, I'm tired of games. Lying, cheating, Not being able to trust the person I'm seeing. If you want just sex. Click the next button Because that's not what your gonna get, I'm tired of the same stuff and i've been through so much hell with guys im to the point where i believe they're all the same. I want someone to prove me wrong :]

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