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  Age: 63   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: kaufman Texas United States
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  Occaisional smoker
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I am widowed now and have been for four years as of October 9th. I have two children and three grand-children. I am from East Texas and have lived in the same town & house for 25 years. I do not move around much. I have been in business for myself since 1989. I work from home and have no intentions of working outside of the my home. I have two online businesses, but do not work on the weekends. I buy, Sell & Trade for a living. I leave my weekends open so that I can do some of the fun things in life. I love estate sales, flea markets, garage sales. I find some very interesting pieces. As I said I buy, sell & trade for a living. Love just driving around in my leisure. I love dining In or out. Really enjoy & Love to cook. Going Dancing and having drinks, Love trying new wines. I also have a Bassett hound named Lucky. She is a rescue dog with a loving disposition. My children and grandchildren are a very important part of my life and love to get together with them when ever possible because they are so very far away.. one is in Tennessee. I am a born again Christian and give the lord full credit for the woman I have become today. I do not push my religion on any one, but want respect for my beliefs whether you agree or not. I am not an active member of any church currently. I am very high energy, but low maintenance. Does not take a lot to make me happy, because I am already happy. I am content in my own skin! Very comfortable with who I am! Confident about the future! I thank you for reading my profile and good luck with your personal searches!
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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone to share my life with. Can I live alone the rest of my life? Absolutely! Do I want to, NO! Looking for someone that is in good physical shape. I am a small person and looking for someone that is physically the same. Please do not contact me with pictures that are more than a few years old or say you are average size or a few pounds over weight when you are in fact heavy. I want pictures with no glasses and not so far away that I cannot tell what you look like. Lets face it, physical attraction is where it all starts. My pictures are all current and there are no fabrications. I weight 119 pounds soaking wet. I do not like surprises and I am very blunt individual. If you have issues with talking about yourself, Your life or your family, please pass me up and do not waste my time or yours. Looking for an outgoing, fun loving personality, close family ties, believes that Jesus is the son of God! There is a difference in believing that and believing in God!. A big plus is someone who makes me laugh A LOT!!. BTW, If you are the jealous type, please do not contact me either, I want a man that is confident in himself and in a relationship strongly enough that Jealousy would be a waste of his time as it truly is. I have a male roommate that has his own life. If that would bother you then please do not apply. He is a great guy and is my friend. If you are one that spends a lot of time watching TV and sports, I am not the one for you. Been there and done that. There are much more fun things to do in life, Yes! I like to cuddle up on the couch with a glass of wine occasionally and watch a movie from time to time. This is also great on a rainy day. Thank you again for reading my profile and good luck in your personal searches!!

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