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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
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  Thin, Athletic
  Smokes only when drinking
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About Me

So my name is Kyle and I am a math/economics major transferring from Bucknell University to Temples Fox School. I am pursuing a career in the investment banking. I have been interested in mathematics and finance since i was 16.

My interest in finance did not lead me directly to college, however. After high school, i followed in my mother's footsteps, which brought me into real estate. I worked for her for several years: during HS, then afterwards, and eventually taking over. After draining my youth, knowing that what i was doing was more of a burden, than a blessing, i decided that this was not the path for me.

After that, i drifted a bit, partied a lot, and found a girl who knocked some sense into me. After a couple years, we parted, realizing there was no real future there. So now i'm back in school, waiting patiently for the girl who will one day allow me to give her everything she ever wanted. Someone i can talk to without judgment, impartial to my past, willing to live for today, for i feel that tomorrow is but a wasted prophecy, and today is all we have and all i will ever live for.

Now i'm not all geeky, i do love to go out and have a good time as well. Most week nights i stay in - mainly because i'm a broke college student - to study, but the weekends i'm up for anything: clubbing, barhopping, walking around the city, whatever. However, if you ever really want to find me, just walk through the front door of the art museum, take a right into European Art, and you'll surely see me sitting there with a book in hand.

One of my early passions was literature, which lead me into art - fine art, then art history. After many years of thinking i'd follow that path of one day being a curator, or literature professor, i came to the bitter realization that those paths would never bring the 1st edition library i've always coveted into my home, or Picassos' Chrysanthemums to my foyer, so math took hold. I look at it this way: if i work hard, persevere through hard times, and dedicate 10 good years to Wall Street, i will be able to do all of the things i am truly passionate about, and hopefully, share those same interests with someone special.

My goals and aspirations: One day i will work on Wall Street, trading billions of dollars, making my clients happy, pursuing their dreams while making mine come true. I hope to retire when i'm 55, open a golf course and restaurant off the Main Line living the suburban life.

As for relationships, I am very honest with my feelings, and feel once i find them in a woman i must share them before the moment might pass, however soon or late it might be. I know i am hopelessly searching at times, thinking that i need her in my life - that one girl i can talk to, that i can share my hopes, my dreams, and desires with.

I am quite traditional, with conservative values. Not all bare feet, be in the kitchen conservative values, but i do expect her to allow me to take care of her, to do nice things for her without a request or holiday, to make her smile. I feel that that is the role of a man, to take care of his companion, to make her the only one. If you would to talk sometime over coffee in the park, or a beer in the garden, or wine on the lake, please, do not hesitate.

And just realize that this is me in a nutshell, not at all the whole picture.
Four words that solely describe Kyle: articulate, passionate, determined, and absolutely fallible

The perfect first date for me would just be conversating in the park over a cup of coffee - getting to know each other. I find these kinds questions rather obtuse, thinking that there is such a thing as a perfect date. My perfect first date is just feeling comfortable with someone, talking casually, laughing, and deciding from there where the date may take us - a movie, a show, shopping, a glass of wine or a nice beer.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a girl that is dedicated to her studies - seeking a professional lifestyle. She must be passionate about life and interested in just hanging out, relaxing, going to the museum, or whatever.


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